How to Apply for USA Visas in Nigeria (A 2021Guide)


This guide will discuss extensively on how to apply for US visas in Nigeria without any hitch. This write up will guide you through step by step on the process of applying for the visa yourself without involving any third party.

This guide is mainly for individual applicants applying for a USA visa, most people don’t know how to go about applying for a US visa or don’t know the right way to apply and this might either lead to their disqualification during the interview.

For the purpose of this write-up lets quickly explain what the visa means, Visa is an official stamp placed on a passport that allows you entry into a country of destination once your visa application is successful.

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Types of Visa Application

We have two types of visa applications for those who are applying for a USA visa, the two types of applications are Immigrant Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa.

  • Non-immigrant visa status is for those who are applying to enter the US on a temporary basis, such individuals fall under this class of individuals such as Tourism, school activity, business, as non-immigrant visa holder you are restricted to certain rights and privileges
  • Immigrant visa status this class of visa is for people who are either citizens of the country either by birth or holding a green card, This visa status holder is a resident of the US permanently.

But for the purpose of this write-up, we will be looking at how you can apply for a USA visa in Nigeria as a non-immigrant visa applicant.

Most of Nigeria visa applicant fall under non-immigrant visa application.

How to Apply for Non-Immigrant Visa

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Applying for a non-immigrant visa the first thing you need specifies is the type of visa you are seeking for. We have various categories of visas that you can apply for, it all depends on the purpose of your traveling.

The purpose you are traveling the US may be for medicals, study, conference, and others.

List of Visa Available for Non-Immigrant

  • A-1, A-2 and A-3 Visas is for foreign government officials like Ambassador, public minister, career diplomat, the consular officer
  • B-1 Visa This class of visa is for business travelers and domestic servants
  • B-2 Visa This class of visa is for those who need medical attention
  • F-1 Visa This class of visa is for student to seek to further their education in the US
  • F-2 Visa This class of visa is for families that comprise of husband, wife, and children under the age of 21
  • H-1B1 Visa This class of visa is for professionals coming into the US to further their occupational career.

Payment of Your Visa Application Fee

After identifying the class of visa you want to apply for before you start your application process you will need to pay for your visa fee before you start anything, you have to pay for your visa application fee whether you are successful at interview stage or not.

All applicant including children are expected to pay the visa application fee, only the visa application fee qualifies you to proceed with your application, the application is also referred to as MRV fee.

The amount for visa application vary from one another, it all depends on the class of visa you are applying for, the visa rate for each class of visa is different from each other.


Payment for your visa application can either be done online or you pay cash at the bank.

For Online visa payment, you will need to have an existing GTB account for you to be able to make payment online, GTB is the only bank given a directive to receive visa payment on behalf of the US consulate in Nigeria.

When you pay the online visa fee you will be given a payment code, this payment code is what you will fill in the online payment form, the payment can only be allowed you when you create your online profile page, this code is what validates your payment, once you verify your payment you can now schedule your appointment.

After you are successful with the payment a receipt will be generated for you, you will bring this receipt on the interview date.

For Cash Payment at the Bank you can also make payment for your visa at the bank counter by paying cash to the cashier, You can make this payment at the nearest GTB branches nationwide, you will be given a slip where you write the visa fee and telephone number.

After you have paid your cash using the slip given to you, a receipt will be issued to you as confirmation of successful payment.

Before you will be allowed to make a payment, you will be required to present your international passport, because the bank will need to capture your passport data page before you will be allowed to proceed to make payment.

NOTE: All visa fees are not refundable once payment has been made.

Completion of DS-160 Information

Once you have successfully made payment the next thing is for you to fill the DS-160 form all visa applicant both adult and children are expected to fill the DS-160 form, every applicant have their own unique DS-160 form.

The DS-160 form can only be accessed online, you can access the link here

The DS-160 form will contain all your personal information, after filling your DS-160 form you will be asked to sign that all information provided is true and correct after you append your signature you submit your application.

Scheduling your Appointment/Interview Date

The next step now is for you to schedule your appointment/interview date, to schedule your appointment you will need the following document to accompany you to the interview venue.

You will need to go with the following documents.

  • Your passport
  • Your DS-160 form
  • Your generated MRV receipt
  • Your invitation letter
  • 1 passport photograph

Once you have picked your interview date, all you need to do is go along for with the following documents on your interview date.

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