How to backup iPhone without iCloud


In this post, we will be looking at different ways to backup an iPhone without iCloud.
Before then you have to understand the terms like backup, iCloud, and others.


In pcs and Macs, the solutions that backup your files and folders. Brother solutions that do the back up just by taking a snapshot of the hard disk. Making a snapshot of the hard disk means you can recover everything down to the bare metal and bootable state.

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Most of these solutions can backup your PC and Mac while it doesn’t back up your mobile device but don’t worry there are other solutions that can easily backup all devices.

The importance of iPhone backup cannot be overemphasized. There is a saying that there are two types of operating devices; those that have failed and those that will still fail.

Digital devices have problems especially that of a smartphone. It has been reported that over 26% of iPhones have failed between January to March of 2016 and by April to June of 2016 58% of iPhones failed.

This would give you a glimpse of what we are talking about with regard to the loss of data in iOS operating devices. So if you don’t back up your iPhone device regularly then you risk losing everything in your phone other than your contact list.

Back up before the upgrade

Just before you make an upgrade to iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone XR, or iOS 12 Make sure you’ve backed up.

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According to some reports, you can’t successfully have an upgrade in an iOS operating device without having a backup. Some online articles also show that you have to make an upgrade only when you’ve done your back up.

You should always make a backup of your old device so that when you have a new one you won’t lose your photos, conversations, and contact list.

Major Backup methods

The three major ways you can easily backup your iPhone device this is asides many backup solutions you can find on the Internet. What most people don’t know is that iTunes and iCloud are two different backup solutions that are offered by the same apple company.

However, your backup solutions are not limited to Apple company there are other third-party backup solutions.

An example of an original third party vendor for backup solutions Acronis true image. This particular backup solution gives you an easy way and comprehensive method to backup your iPhone data and also gives you the option to backup via your computer or cloud.

With this method, you can back up your files and folders on several mobile devices and also be able to recover accidentally deleted files.

I’ll give you a brief background on ways to backup your iPhone then I’ll give you the little secret on how to back your iPhone up without using iCloud.

Backup using iCloud

This type of backup allows you to backup your data automatically when you are connected to the Wi-Fi. And it stores the information being backed up in the cloud.

These are an example of data being backed up by iCloud;

Purchase history for music, apps, and movies, TV shows, books purchased from the App Store, iBook Store, or iTunes Store.

Photos and videos, home screen, iMessage, MMS messages, settings, app data, SMS Text, and ringtones.

Go to your iOS device click settings and select iCloud backup when you’re connected to iTunes or you can also do it directly on your iOS device. You can make this updated manual or automatic depending on which one is better for you.

One thing iCloud backup doesn’t do is that it won’t back up your purchased music, apps, movies, and books.

Your cloud storage for your Apple ID comes with 5gb capacity. If you are having a backup of your photos music and videos you can easily occupy that 5gb. however, you can always upgrade if you need additional storage but it’s not free.

iCloud also syncs files automatically and this feature helps you recover deleted things.

How to backup with iCloud

You can easily backup your device using this process listed here;

1. Connect your iOS device to Wi-Fi.

2. Click settings and type iCloud. But if you’re using any version that is it older than ios 10.2 then when you go to settings scroll down and click iCloud.


3. Click backup and make sure that the button for iCloud backup is turned on.

4. Remain connected to WiFi network after clicking back up now till the backup complete.

5. When the backup is done go to settings, click iCloud, go to iCloud storage and click manage storage. When you select the device you’re using the details of the backup will appear including the backup size and time.

There are other ways of backing up your iOS operating device without using iCloud and I will be guiding you through the process here.

Backing up using iTunes Backup

Most people know iTunes because it’s been a platform to purchase music apps and books from the Apple store. But what they don’t know is that you can easily backup your iPhone device by plugging in the phone into Mac or PC. The next thing to do is to open iTunes and sync your files between your computer and iPhone.

iTunes backup does extra because it backs up your files including images photos Media and other files that are not gotten from iTunes, call logs, messages, settings, application data, calendar, memos, and bookmarks.

You should also note that you cannot copy files from iTunes to the cloud.

How to backup with iTunes

The first thing you should do is to open your iTunes app.

Connect your mobile device to your computer.

Follow the on-screen steps and allow the computer.

When your iPad iPhone or iPod appears on iTunes select the device.

Just in case your device is not shown on iTunes there are other solutions to that problem but in most cases it does.

Another method used in backing up your iOS device is;

Acronis True Image 2020

iTunes or iCloud backup some application and files for you but Acronis true image helps you in backing up all of that and also protects your user-generated content like photos, videos, reminders, contacts, and calendar appointments. Head to the Apple app store to get this app. Search for Acronis True image.

Download and install the app. For you to backup your iPhone using Acronis Cloud storage then you’ll need a subscribed or trial Acronis account.

How to backup your iPhone on Acronis

Go to Apple app store on your iOS device

Click search

Type Acronis true image

Select the app from the search result page.

Use the standard installation procedures.

To back up

Start the Acronis app

Click backup

Sign into Acronis account.

Select categories.

Click back up now

Allow the app to access to personal data.


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