How To Become A Chef In Nigeria


Who’s a Chef?

According to Wikipedia, a chef is a competent skilled cook who understands all facets of the preparation of food and mostly focuses on a specific cuisine.

The words “chef” are used for different terms in their titles and address certain food preparation areas, such as the assistant chef who is second to command in a kitchen or the part-chef, who manages an area of production in particular.

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For starters, the Chef de cuisine or the Chef is responsible for all kitchen-related tasks, generally including the production of menus, supervision of cooking personnel, product procurement, cost control, and plating of raw materials.

The Deputy Chef (sub-chef of the kitchen) is the Chef de Cuisine ‘s second and direct assistant. He might be in charge of arranging or removing the chef’s kitchen personnel while the chef is out of operation.

A particular area for production is the responsibility of the Chef de partie, also known as a “station chef.”

And the Chef is a simple chef who operates under a chef of the part to know the duties and tasks of the station or selection.

And you see there is a promotion level or ladder where an inexperienced chef will ascend to each of the above-mentioned positions in the kitchen.

How to Become a Chef

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Meanwhile, Every chef needs somebody to keep him motivated, inspired and consistent and luckily In the Nigerian Hospitality industry, there are several professionals Ty HF can keep a young chef-inspired and consistent.


Know-How To Buy Food Products

You can achieve this by paying regular visits to the local market close to you.
Take advantage of the local food market because they offer more variety than a supermarket many times. Be sure to be friendly to the owners and employees while you visit the market. Ask questions and tell them about yourself and your intention to know how to cook and become a chef. They will most likely be glad to discuss the products and other products they sell with you.

Purchase Your Cooking Equipment

You will need the right cooking equipment if you will learn how to cook at home. Now, don’t go wrong, don’t think you everything and every gadget on earth to be a first-class chef, that’s not true.

Having said that, you definitely need to invest in equipment purchasing at the start. You can decide to get a cheap package of frying pan, pot, jelly pot and tray for your cooking and for bbq, you may want to get an iron cast barbeque maker.

Next in line, you will need a good number of knives. As a matter of fact, a major set of tools you can not do without in cooking is a knife, you need a lot of them as they will ease your cooking process. Very importantly, you must ensure that the knives are sharp and not blunt so you don’t get frustrated while making a meal.

Get Learning Materials

Today’s Chef has loads of learning opportunities. All from books to videos are accessible to all. Start with some nice French cuisine books. Or you might try Nigerian cuisine in a local scenario. Because of its influence on other cuisines, it is a good beginning. Don’t skim these books simply until you find a recipe you want. These articles, including the introduction, appendix, and glossary, should be read from start to finish. Check as many recipes as practicable. This gives you a rewarding and well-rounded learning experience.

Cook For Your Loved Ones

After some time of cooking for yourself, you’re going to want to cook properly for people right? Cooking and eating alone may seem too boring. Furthermore, preparing for relatives and friends is a perfect opportunity to get feedback from your cooking exercise.

What are you still waiting for?

Find some of your friends or families and let them know that you want a dinner ( Tell them this is your first time cooking for a group of people and that their honest feedback is something you would like. Have your own meal plan, much like a diner, if you choose to cook. Then make mistakes and try again within a month or two. Just keep trying.


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