How To Become A Social Media Influencer in Nigeria


According to influencer marketingHub, an influencer is a person who, through his authority, experience, role, or connection to his / her audience, has the power to influence the buying decisions of others.

Generally, influencers posts on their various social media pages from time to time, and through their name or chosen field, they generate huge followings of passionate individuals who always show interest in their posts.

There are different types of social media influencers, they are often categorized according to their follower base, their reach, their engagements, and other factors.

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Professionals in this field categorized social media influencers into 7 categories: There are the Celebrity influencers, middle influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers etc.

Steps To Become A Social Media Influencer

Though it can be quite a tough journey, becoming a social media influencer is a thing of possibility. There are many of them of the social media already so get ready to join the league.

To be a first class influencer, there are certain steps you need to follow and some unique qualities you need to possess.

Steps To Become An Outstanding Influencer On The Social Media

We will be sharing the steps with you as well as enlightening you on the attributes you need to have to become an outstanding social media influencer. So come with me as I take you on a short journey.

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1. Start-Up Your Social Media Accounts

Naturally, without you on social media sites, we can’t think about you making social media impact.

Choose two profiles from the various social media sites that you find easy to manage.
Make your choice on this, it can be Twitter and Instagram, or Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t be tempted to open profiles for yourself on all the popular social media platforms, that is not the best approach.

It’s best to have two social media pages that you can manage properly and professionally than having several that you can’t properly manage.

Ensure that your usernames are hints about your niche, not just childish names that do not directly relate to what you want to showcase.

2. Decide To Work On A Niche Of Your Passion

This is the next important step you should take. You have to choose a niche so that your posts can be intentional and so that people can know you for one major thing and not too many things.

Also, choosing a niche will help you to concentrate and make well-developed content.

You can decide to choose from Technology, parenting, relationship, motivation, comedy, etc.

Whatever niche you decide on, You have to ensure it’s an area of your passion cause when the going gets rough, only passion will keep you going.

3. Develop Good Content

On your favorite social network, you must come up with great quality content which you will serve to your audience.

Now you have to do a lot of work to great content.
You have to be well prepared to be able to develop great content, you know.

How do you achieve this? First, you need to have a clear cut understanding of your niche so you can dish out appropriate content.

You gather knowledge by reading, doing research, and following trends.
You should also follow other influencers so you can learn from them.

If you have good quality, your followers will advertise your page.

4. Consistency Is Key

To have frequent posts, you might need to find tools to schedule your posts to get a certain frequency for your content.


This is often referred to as automation. The interesting feature of these tools is that they are quite useful during times when your hands are tied and you can’t upload content at the proper time.

Irregular posts will eventually make you lose your followers. Indeed, you need to post more than once to obtain some meaningful results on social media.

And that is true for almost all social media sites. Post on time and Update on time.

5. Let Your Content Be Original- From You!!

This is one of the most crucial factor in this article, it matters so much.

Even if you have quality content and you post frequently, so long your contents are not original, it is as bad as deceiving yourself, you may not go far.

Real influencers are those who have original contents and they are often well appreciated with a huge following. So develop your own content.

6. Establish And Grow Your Tribe

Basically, establishing and growing your own tribe is having a set of people on social media who are not just fans or followers but people who are interested in events that concern you, people you can instruct to carry out tasks easily.

This point is very important for you as an influencer because it’s a major ingredient for your success.

To achieve this, amongst other things, you can create your own rules, or activities, it can also be in the form of funny language or dialect.

As soon as you can achieve this, you will find it very easy to engage your followers turned tribers.

Other things you should mind are:
1. Use Hashtag where necessary,

2. Be highly informed

3. You need to have a great sense of humor- it will help you quickly.

4. Follow other trending influencers and learn from them.

Qualities of a Social Media Influencer

Learn To Persuade

As an influencer, you need the persuasion power. You should be able to make your followers carry out your wish.

To achieve this, you have to simply learn how to make people do what you want. Read up!

When you have this skill, it will be easy for you to alter the beliefs of your followers and influence their buying decision.

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Make Your Write-Ups Interesting!

To consistently get the attention of your followers and to keep them glued to you, you have to be able to write your content as if you are telling a story.

Make your content very interesting, and sensational not dull.

If you present your content well to your audience, it will be easy for you to influence their decision.

Be Real

This is a vital attribute you must possess as an influencer.
Try as much as possible to always be honest, original, and sincere in all your contents, else you may lose your followers.


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