How to become a Successful Politician in Nigeria


Let’s talk about how to become a good politician in Nigeria, whether you like it or not leadership is not for everyone even if it’s not for you and you still want to become a politician what do you do?
You just have to follow the laid-down procedures that I will be given you on this post.

If you want to become a good politician in Nigeria all you need to do is to know how to strategize make plans and also implement strategies in order to reach certain targets and goals. In addition to that having a good campaign, strategy is paramount to success in Nigerian politics.
Political system in Nigeria

The Federation of Nigeria has three tiers of government and they are;

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  • 1 federal
  • 36 States
  • 774 local government areas.

Inside the three tiers of government there are also three arms of government which includes;
The executive, legislature and the judiciary.

Here is how the government works in Nigeria in a federal level. When a president gets democratically-elected first thing he does is to form a cabinet that will assist him to make rules and administer to the country.

The legislative body which is in charge of making laws consists of two houses which are the upper House and the lower house -The Senate house is the upper House while the lower house is the house of representatives.

The upper House wishes the Senate is being led by the Senate president and its consist of 109 senators. The senators are being selected based on representation from each state -3 each and 1 from the federal capital territory, Abuja.

The House of Representatives which is the lower house and the Parliament consist of 360 representatives other in charge of 360 constituencies of Nigeria. It is you know that Nigeria does it is in a federal practice only practice is administrative federalism and not fiscal federalism and that is why the representation of the House of Representatives is only based on the condition of proportional representation.

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The Federal government has the highest level of government and power in the country and therein lies the highest political influence. the state and the local government are at the mercy of the Federal government because budgetary allocations and disbursement of finance for projects are from the Federal government to these other tiers of government. Politics in Nigeria is very lucrative probably because of the waste of money that is involved or corruption and even easy access to Nigerian resources and that explains why it is a do-or-die affair to most people. However, what I’ll be teaching you in this post is how to become a better politician.

How to become a good politician in Nigeria

Being a politician is something that you learn with regular practice that is stemming from the years in different political parties. However, the tips that I’m giving you can’t make a good politician without experience because the experience is the best teacher the more you do the more you learn, so get involved.

However, it’s not a reason to avoid knowing some things and becoming prepared beforehand.
You can easily learn political skills as a matter of fact I studied political science. Political parties value political skills a lot. one thing you should know about politics is that you have to be always prepared because there are a lot of people that are ready to jump on chances and take opportunities to become a politician in order for you to beat them to it you just have to upgrade your political skills.
The steps I’ll be giving here will help you a lot, don’t miss it.

Steps to become a politician in Nigeria

1. Strategize
a strategy is very important in politics you have to always make plans prepare and also implement the strategies you have to reach certain goals.

You know politics is a way of making the state better, trying to make new achievements so the political debates that you will face will not stand on promises alone but your means to achieve the end. he still is able to clearly communicate the strategy with which you will reach your goals in clear terms.


A strategy is the best means that you would easily achieve your goal because what the electorate will judge a politician with his strategy to certain issues and the results which he reached. So before you get into office people are going to test you to know how you plan on reaching the goals that you promised them and if you can’t tell them there is no way they can elect you to be in the office. Your strategy must have a goal with which you want to reach and achieve what’s your goal must have these four characteristics;

  • Concreteness.
  • Measurability
  • Feasibility
  • Inspirational value

2. leadership

In order to join politics in Nigeria, you have to possess good leadership quality this might not be for everyone though. Your personality traits will have to be exceptional and charismatic because people don’t just follow anyone they follow who they are attracted to.

There are many things that shape your leadership personality and they are things like your strategy, campaign goal, style of your campaign, your message your Media, the image you project, and the type of voters you reach out to.
However, on your own you have to possess qualities like reliability, consistency, decisiveness, oratory, transparency, and others.

The weak points of a politician should be turned into strength to avoid being compromised by an opponent in the battlefield.

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3. Media and communications

There is no way you set up a means to achieve your goal without drawing up a plan this message can only be relayed to the target audience using the media. you cannot communicate to the masses with your mouth without press conferences and releases. The media guarantees you faster reach to your audience and helps you address some issues and once the media is on your side you don’t have much problem.

4. Public speaking

This is a very important skill that is needed in politics because you have to communicate your message to everyone you come in contact with. People of public speakers who can give good speeches and that is why they usually fall in love with an orator. Brush up your public speaking skills so you can easily captivate the audience while giving interviews, attending press conferences, or paying visits to some places in public.

5. Be organized

You must become a registered member of a political party in order to participate in Nigerian politics. So, be organized and align with your party.

6. Campaign strategy

An excellent campaign plan can go a long way to guaranteeing you the political office you are targeting. Without having a strong campaign plan you would lose out easily and this I would say is the best factor to consider while becoming a politician.

7. Canvassing

In this thing is This Is what every Nigerian politician passes through you must have your campaign plan to contain easy conversion and conversion of the electorate to your side. This part looks more practical and in the field so you have to put to work every political skills that you have in order to win your office.


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