How to become an Olympian Athlete in Nigeria (2021)


You probably are a great lover of sports for you to be on this page. Whatever except for sports you are working in. You should strive for perfection and become one of the best because this will make you stand out and pursue your career to the highest level easily.

Before you learn how to become an Olympian athlete in Nigeria there are some things you should have in mind and be conversant with.
Things like concepts and factors in athleticism will be very helpful to you and I will be talking about them here.

Who is a professional athlete?

Professional athletes are those individuals that play sports to earn a living. They’re in two different kinds of professional sports which might be basketball, football, baseball, hockey, cricket, and other track events.

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If you want to become a professional athlete there are things you should do and one of the most important is that you have to attend college only for these reasons:

the reason why you should attend college to become a professional athlete is that scouts seek out talented athletes who are students in colleges and train them for professional sports.


You can also go to college as a professional athlete because athletes retire early due to age factor and what will keep you going after your retirement would be your college education.

So before you become a professional athlete in Nigeria you should also possess some of these qualities which include:

  • You must have a good eyesight
  • You must possess good reflexes and coordination
  • You must have the ability to perform well even under pressure.
  • You must be disciplined.
  • You must be competitive in nature.
  • You should be able to get involved in peaceful conflict without turning violent reason being that sports is a healthy competition.
  • You should be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally to relocate when the time comes.

In order for you to qualify in your application to become an Olympic professional athlete you should be doing the following:

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  1. You should be training rigorously
  2. You should begin playing sports at a very young age that way you’ll be used to it and become master easily.
  3. You should always be fit and keep your body in perfect condition.
  4. You should also avoid unnecessary injuries And treat yourself whenever you get one.
  5. Also, avoid self-medication when you get injured.
  6. one thing that kills the career of the most professional athletes is doping or the use of drugs. Avoid using enhancement drugs at all costs because this will definitely bring you down as every athlete is meant to take drug tests monthly.
  7. If you’re still in school then you should make sure you get good grades this will make it easier for you to join the school team.
  8. Always become part of clubs and teams that are dedicated to your favorite sports.
  9. Get registered for competitions and tournaments related to your sports of interest.
  10. Also, apply for different scholarships in these sports areas.
  11. One thing you should have in mind while becoming a professional athlete is that your job follows you everywhere your job is being a professional athlete and this will make you very famous.
  12. Don’t allow your fame to pull you down.
  13. Also, have a mind that when you go for some tournaments and competitions that you might have curfews and restrictions to keep you in check.

After having to give you important tips on how to become a professional athlete this is the most appropriate time to give you the steps required to become an Olympian athlete in Nigeria

  1. Choose a sport
    Before you think of joining the Olympic tournament you must have had a spot you want to participate in mind. most athletes choose their sports based on what they love and enjoy doing. If you already have an athletic hobby like judo or target shooting that’s very fine and you already on your way. But if you don’t have any sports in mind then you should visit the Tokyo 2020 website to see the list of sports approved for the tournament.
  2. Consider your age
    For older athletes, you should participate in sports where you are likely to succeed and this would be in area that focuses mainly on mental skills rather than physical strength. Examples of mental sports for Olympic games include: table tennis, shooting, fencing, canoe, and sailing.
  3. Assess your physical condition
    You should know your physical condition before signing up for the Olympic games but the easiest way for you to go about that is to visit a local gym close to you and consult with the trainers.
  4. Get a training place
    once you have chosen their sports then you should begin developing your skills because there is no time. What you need to do is to visit a recreation center or join an athletic club so you can take classes. if you are still in school then you probably should join your high school or University sports center.
  5. Become a member of an official body
    A very important step for you to take to join the Olympic games is to become a member of the National governing body (NGB). this is the body that coordinates the national championship and is in charge of the national team. In Nigeria this body is called Nigeria Olympic Committee and becoming a member of this body can easily get you into Olympic games to represent Nigeria.
  6. Get a personal coach
    All you need to do to get better at your favorite sport is to train always and you wouldn’t do this by staying on your own you need to learn from a higher power.
    Experience matters and sports that is why you need some kind of mentor to help you through the process and bring out the best in you.
  7. Be positive
    You need to create a positive attitude around you because this will help you actualize your dream.
    You need to visualize your success and work towards it.
    This method helps you not to give up easily and always keep your eye on the ball.
  8. Get finance
    For you to work towards being qualified as an Olympian from Nigeria you need sponsors and funds. Corruption plagues Nigerian sports federation and you can do with every little money you can get to help in your preparation.
  9. Get listed
    Be the best in your game so you will be selected to represent Nigeria.
  10. Start competing
    When you’ve been picked be sure to give it your very best and secure a medal for Nigeria.


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