How to block Microsoft drive from accessing internet


In this post, we will be looking at how to block a Microsoft device from making use of the internet.
There are many apps on your computer that might make use of your internet and they do this due to different reasons.

In as much as I enjoy getting the latest application updates, there are moments when you wouldn’t want most of this application to access your internet or to suck up your data.

This is the part where you will require to change your computer settings and make some changes to prevent such applications from tapping into your internet.

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This guide on this post to help you make proper changes and block Microsoft drive from accessing your internet.

Reason to stop Microsoft drive from accessing the internet

There are many reasons why you should prevent your Microsoft drive from using your internet. But I know you are on this page because you want to disconnect this drive from its internet usage or you’re looking for a way to block any other application trying to do that in the first place.

You are on this page to find out the reason why most people don’t allow some of these applications to run using the internet.

Let’s say you are application is using a lot of Internet by being automatic updates and installations but you don’t really like these updates due to some malfunctions and malware it possesses. It also breaks down during usage because it might have become buggy.

Then the only option you have left is to cut it off from the internet and as such it will not update regularly. There are some apps that don’t really take the instructions first handoff staying of the internet you would have to take some manual actions against.

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What if you have a little ward who plays an offline game and they wouldn’t want him to get exposed To the online version which has multiplayer components.

When your Windows drive to access the internet without your permission if might give access to some applications to access the internet especially some sites which have crazy ads. And once allowed these hands to flood your system with pop-ups and the only way you can stop it is to look for a way to deny internet access to these applications.

if you probably stumbled upon a malicious application on your computer device and you want to reduce risk of its harm on your system you have to find a way to cut it off from the internet because malicious applications depend on the internet to function well.

Steps to stop Windows drive from Using the internet

No matter whatever reason you have to stop an application or Windows drive from using the internet on your personal computer there is what makes it easy for bees to be possible and that is the windows firewall. it is using the windows firewall that will communicate to the application or drive on went to connect to the internet or not.

In this section, I’ll put you through the process on how to send out a clear warning that will prevent this internet usage.

What you need to do to stop the internet usage without permission used to create an outbound rule that will enforce internet blockage between the Microsoft drive and the internet. I wouldn’t leave you just like that to you to get lost I’ll give you a breakdown of the procedures to follow.

Create a Windows Firewall rule


Here, you can create an outbound rule on your windows firewall that will prevent your Microsoft drive from accessing the internet without permission.

These are the steps to follow:

Go to the windows start menu or windows screen.


Click Windows icon which is located at the bottom left corner of your taskbar.

You can easily access the Windows start menu by clicking the windows logo that is on your keyboard.

In the search box typing control panel and when it comes out click it.

Open the application go to the top right corner and set view parameter to large icons.

The next thing to do is click on the Windows firewall.

If you’re already on the Windows firewall meaning look at the list at the top left corner and choose advanced settings link.

When they advance settings utility window opens, double-click the outbound rules which you can see on the top left corner of your windows application.

Go to the top right corner of your windows program and in the action panel select a new rule.
To select the program click on the radio button.

The best thing to do is to go to the folder where your Microsoft drive is located.

Click your browser button and finish it up.

Once you find the Microsoft drive folder the file parts will be there automatically and this is an example of a file path in Windows –  “C:\Program Files\NameOfApp.exe”

Nameofapp represents the name of the application to block its internet access.

once you find the Microsoft drive or the specific program needed.

Click on the next button and proceed.

You will see action and the next page click on the radio button to block the connection.
Hit on the next button.

And the profiles screen you will find different parameters like domain private and public.

Here’s a brief explanation of what that means:

The meanings when your personal computer accesses a domain on the internet, private happens when your computer has a connection to a private network. The best private network can be your office or home network. When the public is on a means your computer is accessing a public network just like Wi-Fi.

What you should do from this stage is to prevent Windows drive from accessing the internet so you have to make a selection of parameters.

Select the next button.

If you’re on the name screen feel the box for your preferred name for the name and rule.
Click on the finish button.

This rule you just created now will appear on the outbound rules and you can just confirm it. if you’re done this correctly your windows drive will not be able to access all outbound communications to the internet or giving ungranted web access.


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