How to Change My Nigeria Phone Number To US Number


If you came here looking for a way to change, or rather mask your Nigeria number as a USA number, you are on the right blog. Perhaps you’ve probably gotten tired of expensive call rates attached when calling USA numbers from Nigeria (roaming charges), or like me, you just want some privacy where people don’t know the actual number you are using, getting your Nigeria masked as a USA number can give you just that and, even more.

Before we continue I would like to state that all information gotten from this article are for educational, and positive purposes only, I do not support changing of Nigeria number to USA for malicious purposes, and you as the reader is solely responsible for the way and manner in which you use the knowledge you will learn today.

Gone are the days when we could use the “Call Centric >> IPkall >> Express Talk” process to generate free US numbers. Seeing that IPkall has been banned for some time now, other effective means of getting a US number in Nigeria has been surfaced. There are several apps these days that can be used to change numbers, but for this article, we will be explaining five of them. Some of this apps requires you to pay a token to get your USA number up and running. Also, you might want to get a VPN service because most of these apps don’t work outside the United States (especially the ones that are free).

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N.B. This article is for educational purpose only

Five Apps That Allow You Change Your Phone Number to US Number

One cheeky feature about these apps is that after successful conversion of your phone number, you can still use both phone numbers, meaning you can either give out the US number or Nigeria number, and you can use both of them to receive calls on the same phone. Below are five apps that you can use to change your Nigeria phone number to US.


  • TextPlus


This is a free mobile app available on both android, and iOS app store. On your app store, in case you get a message pop up “This app is currently not available in your country” it means you will require the use of a VPN service to access the app and its features. After successful download open it, and register with your email address. During registration, choose a state in the USA, and input the area code/zip code when asked. On completion of your registration your new USA number will automatically be generated and displayed on your screen. Do not uninstall the app otherwise it will deactivate your USA number.



  • Vyke


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Vyke actually don’t have a problem with Nigerians downloading and using the app, the only catch is that you have to pay a token either monthly or yearly to activate the number, and keep using the service. Vyke unlike TextPlus, can give four extra phone numbers in addition to your original phone number- no wonder it’s actually a paid service. Registration is very simple, and straight forward, download the app and follow the guidelines to register and activate the app.


  • Primo


At first I taught that this was just a VOIP application until I got it installed myself. This is a utility app that allows generation of virtual USA numbers that can be used to make voice and video calls and, also send text messages. Registration is quite easy, you don’t go through any long-drawn-out process to start using the service. You can also use the verified US number on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Primo is available for android and iOS app stores.


  • Hushed


This is one of the most popular app that is used to generate US numbers in Nigeria. Just like Vyke, it’s not entirely free, you have to pay to recharge the USA number before you can use it to send text and make calls. Being a premium service, it’s packed with loads of features like SMS&MMS, multiple numbers, support for multiple devices, etc.


  • Voxox


Voxox is mostly used by business owners (the big boys). You don’t need a SIM card or Nigeria number to generate a US number, it is a cloud-based program that generate numbers after registration and subscription.

Of course, there are other apps that can be used to achieve the same purpose which is getting a US number, the ones listed here are those that I’ve tested, and can give assurance that they work.


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