How to check Access Bank account number on phone


Today I’ll be showing you a very simple and easy method you can use to check your access bank account number on your mobile phone.

To check your access bank account number you don’t necessarily need to be connected to the internet to do this you can simply find out your access bank account number on your mobile phone using USSD code.

Access bank is one of the biggest commercial banks in Nigeria an acquisition that took place in 2019, the bank was involved in an acquisition that took place in 2019 which brought Diamond Bank to become a part of her banking operation in Nigeria.

For those who actively use their smartphone and have the access Bank mobile app installed on their phone, you can perform just about any transaction very easily without having to visit any branch of Access bank.

But for those who don’t use their mobile phone to confirm online transactions, most commercial banks in Nigeria have made it possible for all of their customers to be able to perform quite a lot of transactions using the simple USSD code service.

USSD code to check Access Bank Account Number

In the next few lines below will show you how to use USSD code to check your NUBaN access bank account easily.

If you’re here to register for banking made easy a shortcode system that was made available by access bank for its numerous users, you can get on board by dialing *901# on the SIM you used to register your access bank account.

Once you have successfully registered, *901 *5 #

You will immediately receive a message display your account number.

the feedback SMS continue account number usually comes with four mask numbers and 6 on unmasked numbers, it is expected that is the true owner of the account number you are able to decipher the other four mask numbers.

For those who are very conversant with the access Bank mobile app, you can as well use the app to check your account number.

If you already have the mobile app set up on your smartphone all you need to do is log in to your personal area and look at the top of the screen you see your account number displayed.

How to get a statement of account from Access bank

If you have submitted your email at the time of registering your account it is expected that you receive your statement of account monthly in your email box. whatever the case, if you need to receive a copy of your statement of account all you need to do, is to visit any branch of axis bank that is close to you.

Woke up to the customer service desk and request for your statement of account, give me the required to provide information like your phone number that is linked to your account number, date of birth, the axis Bank branch where you opened or registered your account number, your current residence, and details of your next of kin.

We hope you find this information very helpful in checking your access bank account number.


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