How to check dedicated graphics on a laptop


I’ll be showing you how you can easily check the dedicated graphics card in your PC. If you’ve ever gotten a new laptop or desktop trust me you want to no the manufacturer’s name of the graphics card in the system or the exact model number. This is because it’s very helpful during the troubleshooting of some errors on your computer.

What you should know is that all laptops and desktop possess graphic hardware that controls anything from drawing on your desktop and housing encoding videos that renders PC games. Most personal computers you will see these days has GPU which means graphic processing units and it’s either made from these three companies AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel.

There are two possible scenarios of graphic cards what is either inbuilt graphics card that is already installed in the system by default and it’s usually from the Intel HD or UDH company. Another possible scenario is if it’s installed by a dedicated manufacturer then it’s from AMD or NVIDIA.
There are ways to find out the details of your graphics card and I shall enlist them all in this post.

In a personal computer the CPU and the ram are very important but the graphic processing unit a very crucial component that you have to be mindful of while playing games on your PC. If your graphics card is not all that powerful enough then you can’t play these new PC games that require high graphic cut consumption you would only be able to play them in lower graphical settings.

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The different types of graphic cards on personal computers, while some have integrated graphics or low power onboard graphics some others have a discrete or dedicated graphics card and this is usually called video cards.

It is very essential you know the kind of video or graphics cards that you have on your computer and there are several benefits attached to it. It will help you figure out if your system meets the specific requirements that are recommended in order to play a game.

It will also help you determine what apps your system can install. It is very useful in helping to keep your driver up to date. It also comes in handy if you want to upgrade your computer.

A graphic processing unit wishes GPU of the video cards is a very essential part of your computer. This component of a computer is in every personal computer regardless of it being a Mac or PC because both processes the video card. Due to the different variations of personal computers, it may get difficult to find out if you are using a dedicated graphics card or not. However, with our guide you can easily find what you’re looking for.


One of the fastest means to find out if you’re using a dedicated graphics processing unit on your PC is to check the stickers placed on your computer. You can easily see an NVIDIA or AMD sticker on your computer close to your keyboard and very close to your TouchPad. the indication of this sticker on your computer is that your system has an authentic graphic processing unit from one of the manufacturers I earlier mentioned above.

You can also find out the graphic processing units that you are using by checking the device manager. This is a fact because stickers expire and fade after some time. Even if your sticker that is placed on the computer has not faded what it will tell you is the manufacturer of the graphics processing units that you are using and if it’s dedicated or not but what you won’t know is the model of your video card which is also very crucial after finding out if you have a dedicated graphics card or not.

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To find this out what you need to do is to go to your windows click on search and type your device manager. When it comes up expand the display adaptor devices. When you do this and find out you have more than a single device listed then you should have a mind you have a dedicated graphics card chip.

Usually, the Intel chip is an integrated one so if you have another graphic processing unit then it will be listed there with name and model. the mother of a graphics processing unit is mostly alphanumeric and usually follows a manufacturer’s name. The model number for this graphics card is ‘GTX 960M’

Another possible way to find out the graphic processing unit you’re using in case you don’t know if you have a second graphic card chip and its model is by checking your specifications. How you would easily check this is to visit your computer manufacturers website to know the specification of your graphic card. if your chip is already old and they did not see any official information regarding it then you can easily use techpowerup to find out information on your GPU Specifications.

This techpowerup is the free application that easily detects the specification of your graphics card which is already installed in the system.
Here’s how to go about it:

  • Install techpowerup
  • Select the drop-down at the bottom.
  • Select the graphic processing unit you are looking for the specifications.
  • The specification for your graphic processing unit will load.
  • If you are currently using the graphic processing unit then you can go to send some stuff to see the performance of your graphics card.
  • This techpowerup app can easily detect the memory of your graphics processing unit, the release date, the driver version, the manufacturer, model, the speed, and others.

if you follow the above-listed steps and procedures you will easily find out the specifications and the kind of dedicated graphics card you have on your personal computer and this will enable you to run some applications without restraint.


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