How To Check Glo Data Balance


We have for you a detailed guide on How To Check Glo Data Balance. Have you been finding it difficult to check your glo data balance?

Or have you been struggling to properly manage your data? Well, you have just located the solution to your challenge as this article will help you to know how to check your data balance, your bonus data balance and the expiry date.

The glo network is often referred to as the Grand Masters of data and truly, the Glo network deserves that title.

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For quite some months now,Glo network has been giving out amazingly cheap plans along with irresistible bonuses.

But sometimes you need to check your available data balance or bonus data balance, just so you can keep track of your data usage.

However, there are times you may need to check the volume of data or bonus data that you have left on your phone in order to use your data appropriately.

Presently, there are now different ways provided for you to check how much data you have left on your device.

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The first method is by using USSD and the second is by using SMS
This article will expose you to the ways in which you can check your data easily and quickly.

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Check Your Glo Data By Using USSD.

  • First step: Dial *777# on your mobile phone, iPhone,iPad, windows or whatever phone you are using.
  • Second Step; From the options displayed after you have dialed *777#, select ‘buy a plan’ option.
  • Third Step: Another list of options will come up, select ‘manage plans’
  • Fourth Step: Select the appropriate number for ‘get balance’ from the option presented before you.,

Also, you can dial *127*0# with your Android or any smartphone you are using, this is the fastest way to check Glo data through the use of USSD.

In case you are interested in the SMS method rather than the USSD, here is the way to do so:
Text the word “INFO” to 127, wait for some seconds, you will receive a message which contains the amount of data that is left on your phone and the expiry date.

How to check your bonus data balance?

Recently, glo has been giving out huge bonuses along with the usual balance you get when you recharge your mobile.
If you want to check your bonus balance dial #122# on your device to view all the bonuses that you have.

Also, remember that you can still dial *127*0# with your Android or any smartphone you are using to view your bonus balance as this is the fastest way to check Glo data through the use of USSD.

If you are a user of Glo Yakata, this code is also useful for you as it will enable you to view all the information you need.


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