How to Check Spectranet Data Balance



Spectranet is one of the data providers in Nigeria and one of the best when it comes to providing internet service in Nigeria. Spectranet have been in existence for many years now and the company has been able to provide cordial service in internet connectivity.

Many Nigerian companies have also used Spectranet services due to their excellent performance. The relatively high Spectranet data balance is one of the reasons why many people prefer it over its competitors.

How to check your Spectranet data balance? How can you do this online? How can you use their features when browsing? How much does it cost for a person who will connect using spectra net connection? These are the questions that were asked by some of our readers on our discussion forum.

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In this article, we will try to cover all these answers so that you would not find yourself stuck at any point.

For the purpose of this article checking Spectranet data balance, there are different method of checking the data balance of Spectranet data bundle.

Method 1

Using the Spectranet Self-care Platform to do this

If you are using a laptop or PC, then you can go to the Spectranet website and log in by putting your user ID and password. Click on Self-care which is present at the bottom section of the login page. You will be taken to another page whereby there is information about your data balance as well as other information like how much have you used today out of your monthly allocation for internet browsing, How many megabytes you have remaining after subtracting from total amount etc.

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Method 2

By using your Mifi device screen to check your data balance to use your Mifi device do the following:

You should first turn on your Mifi device and wait for about 5 minutes to get connected. How? Because by now it will display “Netwok Ready”. Then you can go to the web browser of your mobile phone or any other gadget and browse to load any website where it contains information about Spectranet balance like How to Get Spectranet Data Balance.

The page you opened will show how much data balance you have left etc. You can even disconnect the network from your Mifi device then turn it back on again so that you can view the internet connection remaining after deducting one hour browsing allowance.

How long is my buffer period?

As a Spectranet customer, each time you connect through the Mifi device, there is an allowance of one hour browsing which means that you can use the internet for about 60 minutes before data is deducted from your Spectranet data balance.


How much time does it take to load a page when using my Mifi Device?

It takes about 9 seconds to load a web-page when using Mifi device. How long should I charge my Spectranet Mifi device for full charging? This depends on the battery capacity of your particular unit but in most cases, it takes about 3 hours to achieve this fully.


How long do I keep my connection when idle/disconnected from the network? A total of 5 days.  How many day are there in a week?

There are seven days in a week How much data will I get if I connect my Mifi device with a non Spectranet sim card? No data How do I disconnect my MIFI from Spectranet network so that another user can use it

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Method 3


Using the Spectranet Self-care App you do the following:

In this method, you should first download and install the Spectranet Selfcare App on your smartphone or any device like tablet. You can get it from Google Play store or App Store


How Not To Use Method 3

You should not use the Spectranet Self-Care app if:

You are using an android version different from 4.2

Method 4

Using any Mobile Phone or Device Browser

This method is for those that have no Laptop, PC or Mifi device but have any mobile phone with 3G network.


How Not To Use Method 4

You should not use your phone browser to check your Optic Fiber data balance. Make sure your mobile phone has 3G network and uses any browser to access or load any website where it contains information about Spectranet balance

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Method 5

 Using Spectranet Self-care App (Mobile)

This method is for those that use their android phones or tablets


Method 6

Using Spectranet Self-care App (Mobile)

This method is for those that use their iOS phones or tablets

Method 7

Checking the balance by calling the Spectranet customer support, Using this method go to their website and get their number then request to speak to their customer agent to help you retrieve your data balance, this will be done after you have given the customer support your details.

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Here you have it all the methods you can use to check Spectranet data balance, help share this write up with your social media networks.


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