How To Check Your Meter Number


When the innovation of the prepaid meter arrived in Nigeria, several Nigerian citizens who have been tired of paying terrible bills and going through serious struggles in the area of electricity welcomed its launch as a great help to relieve them of so much stress and electricity challenges.

Using the advance payment process, consumers can now prepare properly and pay the electricity bill right before using it.

Much like your cell phone is replaced with airtime, so your battery meter is recharged. Similarly, if you credit your meter you will definitely get energy supply.

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Without a doubt, this new technology is a great relief to the World of electricity supply.

Two main kinds of prepaid meters exist key meters and intelligent card meters.

A key meter uses a special electronic key that holds your tariff data while a smart card meter provides your supplier with the latest information when it is supplemented.

Each prepaid meter has a unique ID, the distance varying from 7 to 11 digits. The measuring number is different. Typically, this meter number comprises a number and letter mixture.

Every meter number is easy to locate because it is often seen in your meter above or below a bar-code.

This can be found on the front of your meter, either engraved in the meter box or printed on an adhesive attached to the meter box.

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All people are now able to pay their electric charges on a safe, fast, and convenient transaction on both prepaid and postpaid meter.

How To Make Payment for Prepaid Meter online

It is now quite easy, convenient and secure to make payments for both your prepaid and postpaid meter using different methods

Payment for various electric bills like Abuja electric, Ikeja electric Eko electric, Portharcourt electric, Kano Electric, Jos electric, etc can be made online.

To do this, kindly Visit,


  • After which you will Click on so you can make a selection on your electricity area.
  • Now input your payment details and submit
  • Meanwhile, note that you must put in your correct meter number when buying your prepaid electricity to avoid delay in the process.

Other ways to recharge your prepaid meter are as follows:

Carefully follow the steps below to recharge your meter.

  • First, get the smart card for your prepaid meter.
  • As soon as you obtain the smart card for your meter, it will help you to recharge your prepaid device.
  • Usually, the prepaid meter uses a 20 digits code for recharge.
  • To recharge, first you will need to locate a dealer in your area and go there with your meter smart card.
  • Note that the card with you has the disco number on it.
  • When you get there, ask for the energy credit you intend to purchase.
  • The dealer or agent will then recharge your card with the amount you have requested for and as soon as you make the payment, you will be given the receipt.
  • You will get the 20 digits code along with your receipt
  • As soon as you get home, input the 20 digits code.
  • If you have entered an accurate code, then you will receive the message “Accept”.

On the other hand, if you get the message ” Reject”, then it means the code you have entered is wrong.

Meanwhile, if you do not want to use the 20 digits code, you can only use a smart card for this same objective.

Wondering how you can achieve this?

Put in your smart card into the monitor unit In doing this, be certain that you have placed the smart card in the right direction as shown on the card

Now to check the number, balance and total credit of your meter follow these steps:

To check the meter number:

To know the numbers of your meter, click the 65 button, the 11 digit numbers on the screen.

To Check the meter Balance:

Press “06” and then push the blue button to check balance.

The balance will pop up on the screen in a simple format.

Total credit used: To search for the credit you have been using, press 07 on the keyboard and press the blue button.

I am quite sure that this article will help you out the next time you want to recharge your meter.


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