How to Convert MTN Airtime to Data


If you are an MTN subscriber, you are welcome to enjoy this privilege by MTN. You can convert your airtime to data and stay connected.

Initially, as a leading service provider company, MTN had the most expensive data plans, but thanks to other competitors such as Glo and Airtel who gave mind-blowing bonuses to customers in order to win customers over.

This method of gaining customers, however, worked out in favor of many subscribers of these service providers, MTN customers inclusive even as MTN also dropped their high data prices and started offering ‘Awoof’ data and airtime bonuses.

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How to Convert MTN Airtime to Data

Are you presently out of wifi zone, do you intend saving your monthly data subscription for other special purposes, or do you need a fast access to social media email or any online page quickly and you don’t have data left on your phone well, you can easily convert your airtime into data to keep you connected.

Are you wondering how to do this?

Below are a few quick steps that you need to take in order to convert your airtime into data, it’s so easy.


  • Through Shortcode: You can convert your airtime to data by dialing the code 136 from your device and follow the instructions.
  • Through My IVR: You can convert your airtime by dialing the self-service line on 181 and following the instructions
  • Through My MTN app: With this, you can Convert airtime into bundles straight from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Through MTN Xtra Time: Here, dial the code *136*6# and follow the guide to convert MTN Xtra Time airtime into data.
  • Through MTN store: You may decide not to use any of the earlier provided ways, then you can visit the local MTN store around you to convert airtime into bundles.

MTN Data Bundle Pricing

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As soon as you have successfully converted your airtime, you will have to find out how far your new data can go..

The only way you can determine this is by knowing the pricing and validity period of the different bundle plans on MTN network.

Several data bundles are available on MTN depending on your choice and ‘pocket capacity’,there are monthly plans, weekly plans and even daily plans.

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Listed below are a good number of the different data packages available on the MTN network ranging from monthly to weekly and daily.

– For 50Gb @N20000 (60 days)
Text “118” to “131”
– For 85Gb @ 50000 (90 days)
Text “133” to “131”
– For 1.5Gb @ N1000 (30days)
Text 106 to 131
– For 2GB data @N1200 (30 days) – Text 130 to 13
– For 3GB data @₦1500 (30 days) – Text 131 to 131 –
– For 4.5GB data @N2000(30 days) – text 110 to 131
– For 6GB data @N2500 (30 days) – text 147 to 131.
– For 10Gb data @N3500 (30 days)
text 107 to 131.
– For 15GB MTN data @N5000(30 days) Text 116 to 131
– For 1GB Daily @N350 (24 hours)Text 155 to 131
– for 30Mb @₦100 (24 hours)Text “104” to “131”
– For 750Mb @N500 (7days) Text “103” to 131

Whatever option you decide to use, converting through Shortcode, self-service line, or in a store, converting MTN airtime to data is an easy and non-stressful exercise that will sort you out fast.


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