How to Create a Church Website in Nigeria


Ever wondered how to create a church website in Nigeria? Most churches in Nigeria today have websites from the big mega-churches to the small churches. Pastors need websites to attract new members and also display their weekly programs to members of the public.

Most people have that notion that it will cost a fortune to build a functional and responsive church website, but from years of experience and Mode Servers. having built and hosted so many church websites, we can boldly say that it cost little to nothing when building your first church websites, thank God for platforms like WordPress which allows build your website without any glitch because it has easy to use plugins you can apply when building your church websites and the affordable hosting plans that companies like provides.

Steps to follow to make a church website:

  1. Buy and register a Domain name
  2. Sign up under a hosting company
  3. Choose the website platform to create your website on, we recommend choosing WordPress
  4. Choose your website theme, WordPress has so many beautiful theme to choose from
  5. Choose your plugins with WordPress also it will give you wonderful plugins to use.
  6. Church website software

Let’s walk through the process of building a functional church website in Nigeria:

Register a Domain Name and Hosting

First you have to choose your domain, there are several providers that are domain registration service in Nigeria, but Mode Web Hosting is your surest plug when it comes to registering a domain and choosing a hosting provider., this is free at the moment to search for a domain name, before you can proceed to purchase your own domain name which will cost between N1, 000 to N25, 000 depending on how long you want to register it for.

This is where an individual will host his or her website permanently after registering for a hosting service. Some of these websites are Blogger, Google sites, wiki etc.

Web Building Solution

However if you need to build a responsive church website in Nigeria then choose the WordPress platform because it has over 40% of all Nigerians that use it while blogging or writing posts so your target audience are already there waiting for someone like you who can inform them about what their God is doing through blogs and other sections such as News section which contains information about seminars and bible study groups among other things.

After choosing the WordPress Platform set up your website by using easy to use plugins which cost little or nothing at all to get over 40% of search engine traffic that will visit your website daily for help on health issues, marriage counselling, upcoming events/crusades, bible studies among other things.

How to Create a Website in Nigeria


By doing this you can get more than 10,000 visits from different states in Nigeria within two weeks and if you continue post daily about the lord’s through events going on around you may start getting calls from churches asking how much it cost to have a similar website as yours because they are getting tired with their present website. This is one way of making money online in Nigeria without selling any product/service directly.

Now let’s explore How to Create a Website for Church in Nigeria, How to Create a Website for a Church in Africa etc:

First you have to register the domain name of your choice.

The good thing about online free websites is that there will be no technical issues since you only use it to post information about church events and other things going on around you. However if this is your main website I recommend using mode Servers and Bluehost or Namecheap for your domain name because they are inexpensive and trust worthy compared to the others .

Now choose any theme which fits your need from over 12,000 different themes available at or purchase one here:… then go ahead download plugins that will make your website a functional one.

If you do not know how to use it right now I’m going to recommend 5 easy steps How to Build a Church Website in Nigeria for Free:

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Go to or to choose any theme that fits your need from the thousands available for free download and just follow their step-by-step instructions using a  in order to get more than 10,000 visitors within two weeks.


Now go ahead click on add new then write the title of your page for example How to create a website for a church in Nigeria, fill the content section, publish it and get more than 10 visitors within 48 hours .


Now log into your website from here using domain registration code and download as many Plugins that will suit your needs.

To Get More Traffic

If you want to get more traffic to visit your website then you need to run ads on popular social media platforms like Facebook. Google, YouTube, Instagram will use these platforms to drive quality traffic and audience to your website.

You can also make use of the following software to create your church website and they are as follows:

  1. TreePadEditor
  2. NoteTab Light
  3. Komodo Edit
  4. Bluefish
  5. Crimson Editor for Linux

Top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria in 2022

They are very easy to use you can watch tutorials on how to use them on for more insight.

Here you have it detailed outlined steps on how to create a church website in Nigeria.

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