How to Create a Website for Your Cake Business



A cake website is like a marketplace or an online shop where you showcase all your cake designs and creatives to your prospective customers. A website will give you the leverage of reaching a larger audience and helping you to showcase your designs.

There are many software that can help you build your cake website at the click of the button but before we look at the software, let’s quickly look at some of the basic elements you need to put in place before you can build your website.

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If you are good at designing and you want to build from the scratch on your own, you will need the following in place for you to build a very good cake responsive website.

The first thing you need to do is to register your cake business domain name. This is your unique identity on the web. When talking to your customers online or offline you need tell them about the domain name.

The second thing you need to do is decide on a good cake website host to host your cake website. Choosing a proper baker / chef hosting company comes with their own satisfaction guarantee which in essence means they will always be there for technical support when things go wrong and ensure that your website ranks higher in search engine ranking results.

It is recommended to look at 5 – 10 companies and choose one that makes you feel comfortable with them. We will recommend Mode Web Host.


Third step you need to consider is your creatives like writing your bio, about us pages, FAQs and many more. You can write the content yourself if you know how to write well but if you don’t; it’s advisable to find a writer that will be able to help you with all the aspects of writing for your website.

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After having addressed the basic elements you need to put in place let’s talk about software that can help you build cake website faster.

There are different software available today that can help you build your cake business website fast with very little or sometimes no work from your side. Some of them include:


Squarespace is a wonderful platform for building easy-to-use websites without sacrificing features offered by popular platforms like WordPress, Wix and Weebly. With Squarespace, you don’t need to know any coding or design to build a fully-functional website.

It offers custom domain names which allow your customers to see your website in the same way your company does and it is very quick and affordable. The Squarespace platform integrates with Google Analytics so you can track how users are interacting with your website and establish user’s online engagement through their interaction with different elements of the cake business website.

You set up emails as part of the Squarespace platform and it also gives you access to A/B testing tool that allows you to determine what works best for maximising conversions on your site, this has been very helpful in improving conversion rates for my clients’ websites.

Squarespace pricing starts from $8 a month.


Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce websites building software in today’s market. How can it be used as a cake website building platform? You can easily integrate all your products to your site using the available selling features on the Shopify platform.

It offers you beautiful designs that can be tailored to suit your needs and that look professional and better than many cake business sites out there. Shopify offers secure hosting, SSL certificates, marketing and customer support which will give you everything you need at a very low cost compared to other similar platforms like Squarespace and Wix who offer pretty much anything but with high prices from $8 per month onwards!

It has been found that using an ecommerce platform for building a cake website that sells products is the best way to go. How? People like to buy stuff form their favorite baker or chef’s cookbook, right!

Shopify pricing starts from $29 a month and with great support for your cakes business for just $79 per month.


Wix is an all-encompassing platform that offers everything you need in building your cake business website including hosting, domain name,

SEO & marketing tools among others. With the template design of over 1000s available to choose from it makes it easy for you without any coding knowledge whatsoever to build a beautiful cake company site. It has drag and drop features which are very interactive and saves a lot of time when doing changes on your site.


Wix has a free mobile app which facilitates the customers to have an easier time while viewing your cake business website.

Wix as like Shopify, offers you with superb support for marketing and improving conversions on your cake business site at very affordable prices starting from $4.9 per month.

Choosing a Cake Website Hosting Platform

Website hosting is important since it’s the platform where all your website files, images, videos will be stored giving easy access to everyone who visits your cake business website. With this in mind; we can confidently say that almost anyone who wants to build a cake business website should consider using one of the following hosting platforms such as Mode Web Hosting. is one of the most popular hosts recommended by many people around the world. How can it be used to host your cake business website? offers you with a free or cheap domain name for the first year when purchasing their hosting packages. They provide 24/7 support via live chat and phone, they also offer one-click installations for WordPress and CMS platforms making it easy to install and update your WordPress site.

Their customer service is available almost all days of the week which makes them better than any other web hosting company. As an added bonus; features are very competitively priced starting from #300 per month. offers all the features needed to set up and host a cake business website including:

– One-click auto installer for WordPress

– Ability to add unlimited email accounts;

– Built in video/photo gallery;

– Site builder tools.

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GoDaddy is probably the world’s most popular domain registrar and web hosting service provider with lots of great reviews from its customers around the globe. How can it be used as a cake business hosting platform?

Their robust infrastructure and reliable servers are designed for delivering high performance, scale, speed, stability and security for your cake business website hosted on their platform at affordable prices starting from $3.9 per month.

How does goDaddy offer basic features that are needed to create and run a cake business website?

– Free domain name for the first year;

– 24/7 support via phone, chat or tickets;

– One click installations of WordPress & other popular CMS platforms;

– cPanel accessible in your account.

How is their customer service? GoDaddy provides its services all days of the week by 8 am EST (GMT -5) making it very convenient to support customers any day of the week.

How much does hosting with GoDaddy cost?

Their basic shared hosting plan starts at $3.9 per month which includes: unlimited domains, email accounts, disk space and bandwidth.

You can go with any of these hosting services when starting out, we have several hosting platforms you can also use but we recommend that you start with any of the two.


Here you have it a detailed guide on how to build your cake website, kindly help share this write-up with your social media audience.

For all your web hosting, domain registration and web development needs, visit Mode Web Host.


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