How to Create a Website in Nigeria



Website is an aggregation of related web pages hosted on a unique domain name and published on the internet. You might have various webpages or website on the internet and you are confused on how they come about making or setting them up.

These write up is going to give you answer to those question about how all these wonderful and beautiful websites are being made, this article is going to show you the process of making all this stunning and beautiful websites.

This is a do it yourself method of creating a website by yourself, after going through all the method that will be outlined in this write up, you will no longer need to pay somebody to build a website for you as you will be able to build simple and less complicated websites on your own.

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We would be identifying process of building simple and professional looking websites and here are the methods below.

How to create a website in Nigeria;

  1. Choose a domain and hosting company, (net) Domain name are unique name your website will be identified with, it must be a name that attracts audience, the domain name of this website is you can also go for .com .net and other top level domains which are getting popular as time goes by.

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Once you have decided on your domain name, it’s now time to look for a host (net) that will make them accessible on the internet, when choosing a hosting company be sure to go through our article on the Best Web Hosting in Nigeria to understand what we mean by best web hosting companies in Nigeria. We would quickly outline a list of the best hosting companies you can from and you are good to go with any of them, among the few you can go with is, Namecheap, hostgator, godaddy, FM host, and many more.



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3. Getting web hosting and domain name will make you eligible to build your website but that is still not all you need before your website can be accessible on the internet by anybody all over the world. How to create a website in Nigeria; All this while you have been making plans about how great next month is going to be when you have your own website online which say things about yourself or service or products for sale, there are many people who want their websites online without any hassles even though they may have very little of what we call IT knowledge. How do they achieve that?

4. Installing WordPress on your hosting, Installing WordPress is very easy and simple to do it requires no special skills, follow the following process and you will be able to install WordPress on your site. Here are the process of how to install WordPress on your hosting

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  1. How to Install WordPress with Fantastico

This is the easiest way if you have a version 4.7 or above of Fantastico installer, simply login to your cPanel and find the Fantastico in the software section and click on it then once there search for WordPress, you might see different versions of WordPress e.g (latest) WordPress 3.8 but choose the latest version, which in this case would be “WordPress 3.9”. Simply activate this plugin and follow the instructions provided by automatic installation script on how to install WordPress successfully on your site then after following these instructions you can visit your website URL and enter username “admin” and password “admin”.


  1. How to install WordPress manually

To do this you will need a FTP clients like Filezilla which is available in most cPanel, simply login to your cPanel and create a directory for your website, an example of this is if your domain is then the directory you want to create would be /public_html/ After creating the folder, make sure that it has write access and then download the latest version of WordPress from WordPress official site .After downloading extract contents of this compressed file into public_html (the folder we have created earlier), once extracted open up a browser and visit the URL of the site which would be http://, this will redirect you to a settings page for WordPress where you can enter username “admin” and password “123”.

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  1. How to add content to WordPress

After login place your mouse over on posts tab and then click on new post button and it will take you to writing page for your blog, here you can write whatever you like or post contents from other sites e.g news, sports etc., once done publishing simply go back into admin panel by clicking on back to Dashboard menu provided at the top of WordPress screen.


  1. Creating a Social site address on your blog is very simple, you simply go to the settings(generate) menu and type in the page name e.g (Facebook) and then write down name “Facebook” after that click generate button.
  2. After you have successfully installed WordPress the next thing is to customize your WordPress website to do this follow the process :


10. How to Install WordPress on your hosting. This is very simple and easy, you Create a directory for your website then create another directory inside it called public_html from there find the WordPress file which will be like this example /public_html/net/wp-content/themes/mytheme now simply upload the downloaded WordPress files into this “mytheme” folder that we have created in our site.

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So here you have it process of creating a website on your own if you carefully follow the outlined process outlined above, go through them and you are on your way to creating your first stunning website, help like, share and repost this article.

You may not have to go through the troubles of creating your website. Simply reach out to for the best in web hosting and domain registration services and their hosting plan comes with WordPress installed, saving you all the stress.


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