How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account Fast


A new Yahoo account gives much more than just an email You get a free email address with 1 TB of online storage when you register for the new Yahoo account, is more than enough for millions of emails with vast attachments.

A Yahoo account is far more than a provider of emails, though. You can access various Yahoo features with a Yahoo account: news feed, calendar, section notepad, address book, and more.

You can also access other email accounts from within Yahoo Mail with a Yahoo account, such as Gmail and Outlook, as well as customize auto-replies when you’re on holiday.

Steps to Create a New Yahoo Mail Account Fast

  1. 1. The best way to create a new Yahoo account is to visit the Yahoo Sign up page through the desktop website.
  2. 2. Fill in the form with your first and last name, the username you would like to use for your new Yahoo email address, password, phone number and date of birth, and optionally your sex. To help deter someone from guessing it, you should make a strong code. Try saving it in a password manager if it’s too difficult for you to recall. Your phone number is used for the recovery of your account. When you choose not to use your real phone number, you can get a digital phone number
  3. 3. Click Continue.
  4. 4. Click either Email me a Key or Account Call me with a verification code to confirm that you own the phone number.
  5. 5. Enter the key to verify access to the phone, then click Verify.
  6. 6. Click Continue.
  7. 7. You will be routed to the homepage of Yahoo. By clicking Mail at the top right corner of the page, or by accessing the URL, you can access Yahoo Mail.

How to Send Mail From Yahoo Mail Fast

Sending an email from Yahoo Mail is really fast. Just click Compose on the top left corner of the page from your device to switch to a mode where a sender, text, and body message can be entered.

When you receive an email from someone in Yahoo Mail, click the message and use the arrows at the top of the email to respond, respond to all, or forward.

How to Access Yahoo Mail on Your Phone

Yahoo Mail isn’t just operating from a laptop or desktop. You can also read your Yahoo messages, whether it’s a laptop or a phone, from a mobile device. To receive emails, download different applications or use your device’s default email app.

For example, users of the iPhone can connect from the Mail app to Yahoo Mail without installing another device. The same applies for Android users who don’t mind setting up the correct settings for Yahoo Mail IMAP and SMTP server.

There is also a Yahoo Mail feature, however, which allows you to sign in with your Yahoo username and password without playing with database settings. You can get the App Store’s Yahoo Mail app for iOS and Google Play for Android.

So in summary, This is How to connect the phone Mail app to a Yahoo email account.

  • Click on the Settings button in the bottom-left corner.
  • Tap Manage Accounts within the flyout preferences.
  • Select the Connect address button.
  • Press from the list on Yahoo!
  • Enter your email account with Yahoo.
  • Click continue.
  • Type the code for your account.


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