How to delete card from Quickteller


Quickteller is a mobile payment solutions company which has it’s name in the hearts of most business men and women located all over the world. The company can be tagged as a fintech company due to the kind of services they offer which ranges from bill payment, data subscription, investments, cable TV subscription and lots more.

On their website, the company was described as a robust consumer services platform for convenient daily cash activities. Quickteller is owned by Interswitch limited which is an integrated transaction processing company that provides sustainable payment solutions to businesses of all kind.

With their advancement in technology, they enable businesses and individuals to have access to their funds available in the different banks located in Nigeria.

Transactions are carried out with the help of a POS terminal ma bi and the Quickteller website. All these features make Interswitch’s Quickteller one of the most reliable and popular fintech services in the world.

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Back to the main focus of this article, which is “How to delete card from Quickteller.” For users to effectively Carry out transactions on the Quickteller website, they need to have a Quickteller account and a registered debit card which is internet banking enabled. This procedure is a must to ensure the ease at which transactions are carried out on the website.
Once a card has been successfully added, it is allowed to deposit and receive funds for your Quick tell account.


To make payment into the Quickteller account, you must already have an account with them, but if not, here is a procedure on how to open a Quickteller account:
• Visit or download the app from Google Play store or iOS app store.
• Either method you choose is fine. Next click register. Once you click the register button, it will direct you to a section of the site where you need to fill a form.
• Fill the form appropriately, with the required details such as Name, Age, date of birth, phone number, etc.
• You might be required to enter a valid email address as well, so do it.
• Enter a suitable password which you can remember easily.
• Click on sign up to complete the form.
• An account activation code will be sent to you via your registered email.
• Click on it and your account will be activated.
Before you decide to remove your card from the website’s database, the card must have been registered on it. For users who don’t know how to register their cards on the payment platform, here is a suitable means of doing so:

How To Add Card on Quickteller Website

There are difference methods of adding a debit card to your Quickteller account but we’ll be looking at the two easiest methods to do so.
Through the ATM:
• Visit an ATM close by.
• Slot in your debit card and wait for it to request your pin.
• Input your pin.
• Choose the Quickteller option once the menu is displayed.
• Select “pay bills”
• Select others from the list that is displayed.
• Enter the payment code 322222.
• Type in your phone number.
• Follow the prompts on the screen and complete the process of the transaction.
This process allows you to save your debit card information on the Quickteller database, through the ATM. The process costs #1 but the machine would charge an extra #100 for the transaction.

Using Verve World App
• Install and activate the Quickteller app on your device.
• Login using your Quickteller login details.
• Click “add a new card”
• Enter the required information about the card, e.g. cvv, pin, etc.
• Click on Add Card button
• A message will arrive on the phone housing the Sim used in registering the card stating that between #1 to #10 will be deducted from your bank account and added to your eCash Wallet.
• Agree to the terms and then continue.
• You’ll receive an OTP which you’ll input in the required field.
• Next you’ll receive a message stating that the card has been successfully verified and added to your eCash Wallet.
• Done.
So now you know how to add your debit card to your Quickteller account for convenience.But there are certain times when individuals don’t feel secure enough to leave their personal banking details on these websites. No matter how secure the encryption is, there are lots of reasons behind different individuals insecurities.
Whatever the issue might be,

here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to remove your debit card from the Quickteller database:

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• Download and open the Verve world app.
• Login with relevant Quickteller details.
• An OTP will be sent to you for authentication purpose. Input it in the required field.
• Your device will then be activated to perform Quickteller transactions. Click continue.
• Click on th card you would like to remove.
• Click on card preferences. Then click on remove from Verve eWallet to delete the card permanently.
• Click yes to confirm deletion.
• Visit your Quickteller app and the three dots at the top and the. Click Resync.
• You’ll see that the card has been successfully removed.
For confirmation visit the Quickteller website to check if the card is either available or not. Another means is to visit the address below:
Either method you choose is highly effective and will certainly help in removing your card from Interswitch’s database.


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