How to Download Latest Koeran Movies in 2022


Korean movies are popularly known as k-drama by its numerous viewing audience and Hollywood by the Korean entertainment industry has slowly gained almost 40% of the film-loving audience.

Korean movies are available to viewers in cinema houses, cassette plates, and even the internet. Getting a hold of these movies is not that much of a task anymore, as the internet where everything can be found is now available.

K-drama just keeps getting more and more interesting. With its exciting storylines and plot twist and not to mention their romance and on-screen chemistry, and their cute opus, you are sure to be glued to your TV screen all day. Want to see more cute Korean guys? , here are a few sites where you can easily download k-dramas….

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Best sites for downloading Korean dramas

NewAsian TV Is one of the most popular sites to download k-dramas. It has a unique way of arranging their dramas. Not only can you download k-dramas there, you can also stream Asian dramas and audio online. It encompasses all the gene of dramas you might be looking for.


Is one of the best websites to download Korean movies for free. It also provides subtitles for any language so you can enjoy the movie in full. it also provides a space for tending series so you will always know which one is new.


if you are a lover of old k-dramas, then Dramago is the place for you. From old to newly released movies they got you covered. It allows you to search for top and mega hit dramas which saves a hell lot of time.

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Who doesn’t love manga? With their cute eyes, long colored hair and milky white skin. If you are a fan on Korean anime and you are looking for where to watch one, then search no further cause got you covered. Even with slow internet speed you will still be able to stream them. And they don’t consume too much data.

Kiss Asian


It is very similar to NewAsian Tv. You can easily get any Asian movie of your choice here and is very user friendly. It offers Korean movies based on categories, i.e romance, action or comedy. It uploads movies every day to keep you up to date.


This site is as old as Korean movie itself. It is fast, reliable and easy to use. It uploads their content almost every day and allows you to stream high quality Korean dramas for free. It offers a huge collection of Korean dramas.


Is one of the most used site to download Korean drama. It doesn’t only upload movies but also articles about upcoming dramas and latest gist. The most unique thing about this site is its clear layout which allows the user to download their favorite dramas easily and without stress. It is one of the few K-drama sites that has a black theme.


Is another popular site and similar to those already listed. It offers large numbers of Asian dramas and is very easy to use. Is also one of the oldest K-drama sites on the internet.

Good drama

It is very similar to Dramago. They both offer wide range of Asian dramas and also very user-friendly. The only downside is that it offers too may ads.


It is one of the most beautiful K-drama sites. It is packed with a variety of old and new series. Its videos are also all subtitled. It appeals to K-drama fan that like pretty things. It is very easy to use and also very pretty to behold.


So these are a few sites where you can easily download Korean movies for free and also get the latest and trending series and gist. If you are already a K-drama addict be free to tell us some of your favorite sites in the comment section below. And if you are just beginning to watch K-dramas I guarantee you that you will enjoy using some of the aforementioned sites above.

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