How to Fix a Hacked Website in Nigeria



In today’s write up we would be looking at how to fix and recover back a hacked website. Before we go into the article fully lets understand what it means to hack a website, websites hacking is a process whereby an unauthorized person or group of person have access to your website by so doing they have access to information on your website without getting required access or authority from you.

Website hacking is carried out or done through the following process or method and they are called:

  1. Ethical hackers are popularly known as white hat hackers. They hack into a website to know and explore ways of protecting websites from attacks of bad guys who are popularly known as black hat hackers.
  2. Black hat hackers, they are the people that get paid or sponsored by government or other groups to attack system in order for them to be able to find out how secure it is, then make their way in to test its weakness and report back with recommendations on what should be done before any damage occur.
  3. Script Kiddie , this group of peoples are not professional hacking tool users, rather they use programs written by others without really getting involved in the process, so they do not understand hacking principles at all or even care about it but instead, they just want some money for doing some malicious jobs.

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Script kiddie usually copy program codes from other black hat hackers and use them to hack websites, these programs are usually not updated and very easy to defeat or break through due to their predictability which makes the scripts useless as soon as they get discovered by any of the website owners involved.


  1. State sponsored hackers, in this classification of hacking method is done by groups or state authorities who use the method to gain access to very critical information within a target website they are trying to invade.

Apart from these classifications there are many other methods that are used to hack websites but for now let’s concentrate on fixing of hacked websites and how to recover back from hacks.

How can you know if your website has been hacked? If any one of the following happens then you should be able to identify that your website has been attacked:


The homepage changed without notice

The content or message in homepage was modified without authorization. The stylesheets/templates were messed up with an unauthorized person placing images and text in it, personal pictures may also appear there. The owner details might be changed without permission. No copyright or authorship was given if a picture/text is used from other websites (this include images, text and codes).


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How to fix a hacked websites


  1. 1. DNS Flush

This process does not help you restore your homepage but will flush all the DNS cache off the hacked website, thereby preventing any unauthorized person using it or accessing it again. How do you know when your site has been hacked?

You will usually get an error page instead of your homepage when you browse to your URL, then try refreshing it with Ctrl + F5 several times until you see your home page come up. Use this method after you have restored your website back to its normal settings from the error page, this will give no room for any unauthorized person to get into your site again with their tactics.

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  1. Get the Code File

How do you know if your website has been hacked? There are two ways of finding out, either go through all the pages manually and check if they look correct or you can download the code file and then open it in notepad++ (this is a free text editor program used mostly by programmers). How to get the code file? This process involves restoring all the important files on your website back to how they were before it was hacked, this can be done by downloading wp-config.php which is located in root folder of your website via FTP client. If the wp-config does not look like how it was created then you should try restoring all other files back to its original position and state.

  1. Change Passwords

This method will prevent any unauthorized person from accessing or controlling your website in anyway, thereby also preventing them from hacking back into your site again. How do you know if your website has been hacked? If a password is used that only gives access but no control over what happens on your behalf, then this means someone else still has control of your blog/website because they are using an old password that was changed by admin after the attack occurred.


How to fix a hacked websites Change passwords to all admin accounts (including ftp,phpmyadmin, cpanel etc) Change passwords to wp-config.php file Delete all plugins and themes that are not needed in your website before the attack occurred Shut off and reset all other unnecessary programs.  How do you know if your website has been hacked? If files have been modified or deleted without permission Delete the backup folder which usually contains backups of older files. Restore the backup folder back as intended


  1. Keep Your Site Updated

How do you know if your website has been hacked? Any time there is an update available for your plugins, theme or CMS.  How do you know if your website has been hacked? If the page or the site redirects to another (not intended). How to fix a hacked websites Update Website How do you know if your website has been hacked? Any of the above How to fix a hacked websites Get latest updates

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  1. Backup Your Site Regularly

How do you know if your website has been hacked? The files were deleted from previous method and back up. How do you know if your website has been compromised by hackers? You should have backups How to fix a hacked websites Replace/Restore back up.

  1. Consider Changing Hosting Company

How do you know if your website has been hacked? If your website has been compromised, then you should change your hosting company to more secured and reliable hosting company like

If you follow the following process very well then you are on your way to fixing and recovering your hacked website, Help like, share and repost this article to your social media network.


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