How to Get 24hours Fast Cash Loan in Nigeria


This guideline is mainly for those who need fast cash to meet urgent needs. This writes up will give you an insight into how you can get short loans in less than 24 hours in Nigeria or let’s say a maximum of 24 hours.

We all know the stress people go through for them to have access to loan facilities, coupled with a lot of paper works involved for them to get the loan, at times has provided the necessary paperwork they might even be denied.

This guide will show you a better way for you to get a loan in less than 24 hours and it those not involve lots of paperwork or you have to put down security in the form of collateral.

We will go through some notable institutions where you can quickly apply to and have access to loans effortlessly.

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Platforms That gives you Access to Quick Loan in 24 hours

  • The first one we would look at is access bank payday loan, with access bank pay, do loan you get loan instantly without any form of paperwork or even physical appearance at the bank, all you need for you to have access to the access bank payday loan is for you to have an account with them, a savings account will do.

Once you have an account with them you can easily apply for a loan with just your mobile phone by dialing the loan application USSD code, once you dial the code and follow the command functions that pops up, you will get your loan request in less than 20 minutes after applying for the loan.

For more info about the access payday loan, you can visit any of their nearest branches for more information.


  • The second one we would look at Spectaloan is a financial service company that renders loan service to its customers or subscriber, it gives their customers access to credit and finance facility. It helps to finance small and medium-size business by providing them with loan facility, you can get access to there loan facility in 24 hours to 48 hours ones your application is successful, you can try them out today by visiting their nearest office.
  • The third one we would look at is C24 limited is a financial service provider that provides retail loan facilities to its customers in minutes without any form of paperwork or documentation, access to their loan facility is fast and easy.

With C4 limited you can have access to a loan of 5 million Naira in minutes after application, with them their repayment structure is flexible without having you to break the bank.

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For more information contact them through or you can call them on this number 09090896919.

  • The fourth one we would look at is fast credit limited, with fast credit limited you will get 5 million in less than 24 hours, with fast credit limited you can access their loan anytime and anywhere, their service is very reliable and easy to access.

If you needed more information about their loan offers, reach them through email at

  • The fifth one we would also look at petty cash their service is very good and flexible, they have customers all across the country, they offer digital service where customers can have access to loans online with the use of their mobile phone.

They offer loans to students, federal government staff, market women e.t.c, with their service you can have immediate access to 50,000 in 3 minutes after application. For more information, you can contact them through their mail at


These are the best companies that can give you a quick loan within 24 hours without any form of stress and delay.

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