How to get access bank loan


Access Bank PLC is a proudly Nigerian multinational commercial bank that is a subsidiary of Access bank group. It is under the regulations of the Central Bank of Nigeria which is Nigeria’s apex bank.

When you need to get money to fulfill some urgent needs access bank payday loan is what you should request for. Access bank loan is a quick loan that is like the first aid of the finance industry.

Here on this page, you get to learn how to get a loan from access bank payday loans.

About Access Bank Payday loan

Payday loan was launched on the 1st of October 2017. Payday loan is also a salary advance scheme which is a product of the collaboration between access bank and Remita to make loans available to Nigerian salary earners.

And this is not limited to their domiciled salary account.
However, if your salary account is not them inside with access bank you may be required to have to be a Remita customer. The loan tenure for payday loans is a maximum of 31 days or to the payment of your salary.

Access bank payday loan Requirements

Due to the several requirements needed to get loans in Nigeria, it might seem as it’s impossible for people to still apply for loans and get it because some of these requirements are very hard to provide instant and banks who don’t want to lose their money giving loans to people who are not reliable.

You should be happy because payday loan is different from other online lending platforms. The loans gotten from payday loans are barely large in quantity because of the purpose of payday loans to fund the urgent needs of individuals.

It is meant to solve problems like payment of medical bills if someone is sick and doesn’t have enough money to clear the bill.

There are also other urgent needs of an individual which he might be needed to clear them up immediately, so if he’s short of funds he could easily take a loan from payday loan to sort it all out.

Due to the number of funds being disbursed by payday loan the requirements for loan approval are not much.

These are not tough requirements you can easily make them if you have a regular salary or a paid job.

Access bank is one of the banks whose requirements for loan approval is very simple due to its care for the customers.

You just need to have employment with an account and it doesn’t matter if the account is with another bank.

However, you want to receive a payday loan from Access bank you should have a salary account in Access bank or you must be a Remita customer this is because payday loan is a mutual product launched by access bank and Remita.

Reddit payday loans you don’t need extra conditions or requirements to get your loan. This is not the kind of online lending platform where you are required to bring guarantors or collateral.

With Access bank, everything was very fast and easy. currently, access bank has made a provision for borrowing money using a special USSD code.

This is a new development that is unique in the banking sector. Once you meet access bank requirements for a loan you could be able to use USSD code.

Once you get the USSD code, you can just in few simple steps dial the code and receive an instant loan.
USSD codes don’t take much time in just a few minutes you can receive your approved loan.

Payday loan range

The loan range for payday loans from access bank ferries between 1,000 naira to 500,000 naira.

Payday loan interest rates

Access bank offers its loan interest rate at a very minute level. The loans from payday loan is being given at 3% interest rate flat.

Payday loan rules

Access bank decides the approval amount you receive.
Loan repayment on payday loans must be at the end of the month or are the earning of salary
At the loan repayment date, the loan amount will be deducted from your provided account.

How to get payday Loan

If you are looking for a means of getting a loan from access bank through payday loan, then these are the required steps for you to follow.
You will just need to do the following and get your loan:

  • Firstly you will have to dial the USSD code *901*11#
  • You receive the number of the access bank account
  • After that, you access how much you can get from payday loan.
  • Upon confirmation, you receive the instant payday loan from your access bank.

These are very simple steps which if followed currently you’ll be able to get your payday loan in just a matter of minutes. however, if you have some questions to clear up feel free to contact access Bank customer care lines or emails on the official website.

Tips to get Payday loan easily

  • For you to easily get your required amount of loan approved you will have to maintain an account with access bank. this is because while they manage your account they already know your threshold and financial reputation which would make it easier for them to Grant higher loans to you.
  • Have a clear purpose and amount of loan in mind.
  • You would make sure you have a credible repayment plan as the bank wouldn’t give out loans to people who don’t have the capacity to pay back.
  • For startup businesses make a presentation of your business plan.
  • With the little money you already, you could easily start up something which would convince the bank in giving you a loan.
  • You have to maintain a clean financial record. Loans are given out on trust two credible individuals not bad debtors.
  • you can also maintain a close relationship with your account officer who would know your financial status and recommend the best loan facility for you.
  • Make sure you don’t take a loan that has a higher percentage than your annual income.
  • Make provision for every required document.



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