How To Get Birth Certificate In Nigeria


The initial document often received after a person’s birth is a National population birth certificate.

The condition is such, though, that because they were raised in Nigeria some people think the birth certificate is something that can be obtained later in the years while other people are not so aware of the need to get a birth certificate for themselves or their children.

So Who Is In Charge Of Birth Registration In Nigeria?

As far as Nigeria is concerned, the only recognized body saddled with the responsibility of issuing birth certificates to Nigerian citizens is the National Population Commission NPC.

So if you have been wondering where to get your birth certificate, this is the body you should reach out to.
Even if it’s your child’s birth certificate or another relative’s you will get it from this commission.
Contrary to what many people think, the process of getting a birth certificate is not confusing not tough. All you need is to have some vital information that will make the registration process easier for you.

Asides from registering for a new born’s birth certificate, you can also make registrations if you find yourself in any of the following conditions:

1. If you or a relative is born in a local environment where records are not kept for births.

2. If you changed your initial set of names to other names and you want the new names on your birth certificate.

3. If you have misplaced the initial certificate offered to you at birth and you want to do another one.

Interestingly, a birth certificate can be obtained by all Nigerians both the ones that are currently residents in Nigeria and those who have relocated abroad.

It is important you know that documents were given to individuals as birth certificates are of different types based on their age ranges.

For example, for an 18-year-old or below, the document that will be issued is a proper birth certificate.

On the other hand, for someone who is older than 18years, the document to be issued will be an age declaration affidavit.

Although in some regions in the country, the local government authority are permitted to give out birth certificates even for individuals who are above 18 years.

How Can You Get Your Birth Certificate?

For newborn, you need to follow this process:

First, locate an affiliate of the National Population Commission closest to you. This should be done within 60 days of the child’s birth.
Wondering how much this will cost? The Nigerian Birth Certificate is totally free of charge for new born.

For some years, the National Population Commission has been working hand in hand with UNICEF in order to ensure that more birth certificates are given to applicants under 18 years.

How Can You Obtain Your Birth Certificate As An Adult?

Just like in the case of obtaining a birth certificate for newborn, as an adult who wants to get his/her birth certificate, you have to locate an affiliate of NPC who have been authorized to issue birth certificates for both adults and children.

If you don’t know of any affiliate of NPC in your environment, simply visit the local government secretariat nearest to your community, as soon as you get there, ask if the National Population has an existing and functional affiliate there, if it does, go to the affiliate office. There you will be given a form to fill. This form costs between N100-N200.

You will also be charged a sum of 2,500 for the document you will receive after this process.

As soon as you are done filling the form, you will be instructed to go to a court where you will be given an age declaration affidavit.
Note that you can do this in any court around you.
Following this, you will be given your birth certificate assigned by the National Population Commission.

So as against what is widely believed, the procedure is not that complicated, so even though you are already an adult, it is really easy to get a birth certificate.


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