How to get Facebook free mode on MTN


There is a free mode on Facebook. In this mode, the user has to have a verified phone number and cannot use Facebook for free from any browser or from any location. This mode is for those who want to continue using facebook without ads and without seeing sponsored posts

Facebook’s Free Mode:

  • It only works on the app
  • You need a verified phone number
  • Ads will be visible

One of the biggest telecommunications in Nigeria, MTN provides you with an access to browse Facebook for free. This is called the ‘Facebook Free Mode’ and it ensures that you never get disconnected from your friends and family when you run out of data..

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Facebook currently ranks as the most popular social platform among families and friends, where they can connect with their close ones. It can also help improve and sustain business as it is a great way to reach a broad audience.

Facebook has started offering free mode on its social networking app.

In the new free mode, people will have an ad-free experience and can access Facebook from a set of apps that are designed for faster, more relevant content.

Facebook is not just about browsing through posts and timelines anymore. In order to use this free version of Facebook, one has to download the Facebook app on their mobile phone or PC and sign in with their account.

Facebook is a social media site that has been around for over a decade. There are now over 2 billion monthly active users, which have been growing by around 100 million per month. In the past, Facebook was mainly used as a social networking website to post pictures and share updates with friends and family members. In recent years, Facebook has changed its focus from being just a social media site to being more of a people site where you can connect with your friends and loved one’s as long as they signed up on the platform.


It is not surprising that companies and individuals use AI writing assistants on a daily basis to engage with their customers..

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Airtel launched a zero-rate Facebook service in Nigeria that enables patrons to enjoy Facebook for free. MTN then followed suit with its own free-mode but with a limit on how much data the user can use. You cannot view photos or videos but you can still have a strong connection with family, friends and clients. Airtel’s zero Facebook is called airtel free mode

You can still connect with friends, family and world events even on the go without an internet connection!

Let’s now look and check how you can get facebook free mode on MTN

To get started, dial 14143#

This is a great offer from Facebook for people who don’t want to download the app. It’s text-based, but also quick and can do most stuff aside from photo/video viewing

Facebook has done a great job of providing a simple and quick way to interact with the Facebook platform without having to download the app. They’ve created a text-based browser that can do most of what you can do in the app, but it’s limited in only being able to view photos and videos.

Facebook’s free mode gives you up to 20mb every day which is more than enough for chatting, posting, adding friends or reading your timeline.

Facebook is a social media site that allows you to connect with old friends, family, and acquaintances. It’s a place to post memories and share your happiest moments. You can also chat with people from around the world, post pictures of your pets or upload videos from your favorite TV show.

If you have any further information about MTN Zero, please feel free to contact us or post in the comment box.



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