How to get loan from Polaris bank in 2022


Many people are asking on the way to get loans online, especially from verifiable and less stressful financial institutions. Well, I strongly recommend using this particular financial institution or commercial bank known as Polaris, the reason being because of the smooth processes in loan processing and disbursement.

However, having background information on Polaris bank which are essential information and important details will give you peace of mind. things you should know about this bank concern the history, mobile app, transfer code, customer service number, and internet banking.

Polaris bank used to be Skye bank and since its establishment, it has been renowned to be one of Nigeria’s biggest Banks. Polaris which was formerly known as Prudent bank was established in 1989 however since then it has gone through a different rebranding and major processes. It was in September of 2018 that it became known as Skye bank.

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Since its inception to date, Polaris bank is not to have more than 260 branches in Nigeria with up to eight subsidiaries around the globe.

Polaris internet banking

Just as other technology advanced commercial banks in Nigeria lyrics are one of those bands that has a vibrant online banking platform that enables the customers to perform online transactions without going to the physical banks near them. With this online banking you can easily request a chequebook, transfer funds, manage your FX account, and others.

To easily join the bandwagon of internet banking in this commercial Bank all you need to do is to register.
here’s what you need to do to join internet banking in Polaris visit any of the closest Polaris Bank branch near you and head over to the customer service unit where you make a request for internet banking profiling.

or you could easily sign up for internet banking online. using this method there are two options that are available; you can sign up for this internet banking via the old or new portal. Do you have nothing to be afraid of as both portals are very effective? It is very easy to log in to internet banking for Polaris bank all you need to do to gain access to this online banking is go to the Polaris internet banking portal.

Mobile banking

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Asides online banking mobile banking is also a very wonderful opportunity that accommodates everyone especially the generation that is not online. this method allows the customers to bank with their phones using a mobile code. Also, customers are required to download a mobile app.
The transfer code for Polaris bank is *833#.

Once you have this code you can make financial transactions from the comfort of your home without going to any bank. you can easily make a transaction using your mobile phone or your laptop. The many functions of the mobile code for mobile banking. All you need to do is buy the code and follow the instructions however, it helps transfer money, purchase airtime, check account balance, and pay bills online.

Polaris mobile app

There are several functions Polaris mobile app can help you achieve. The limit to running this transaction is hardly felt.
Listed out are some of the activities you can do with your mobile app;

  1. Check balance
  2. Change your pin
  3. Transfer money to any bank
  4. Buy Airtime
  5. Pay Bills
  6. Control your cards
  7. Masterpass.

This mobile app is available on both Android and iOS mobile OS

Customer care

You can easily reach the customer care for Polaris using any of these customer care numbers;

070075932265, +234806988 0000, +234 14482100, +2341 2705850


Here’s the official email address too.

The headquarters of Polaris bank in Nigeria is at no. 3  Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Having given the full details about Polaris bank, I think now would be a good time to tell you about types of Polaris bank loans and how to get them.

Polaris Bank loans

Polaris bank does not stop with the amazing financial services that it offers to its customers it has now introduced the bank loan which enables different individuals and businesses to get loans from the bank. 

Kinds of loans;

Salary advance

The salary advance loan helps you get up to 70% of your monthly salary in advance. This helps to relieve the burden of some people who get stuck midway in the month and this is true because at that particular time monthly expenses would have taken most money.
here are some of the features and requirements needed to get this loan;

  • You need some little documentation.
  • No collateral required
  • It takes just 24 hours to get your loan.
  • You have to be employed in either a private or public company.
  • You need to have a salary account with polaris bank.
  • You must meet up with the requirements.

How to apply for Polaris bank loan

  • Go to Polaris branch near you.
  • Get a form
  • Fill and submit the form.
  • The loan processing time is 48 hours.
  • If you don’t want to be going through this process is you can easily call your account manager or customer service on phone to help you gain access.

Personal loan

This is also another type of loan you can easily get from Polaris bank aside the salary advance loan. This loan helps individuals achieve their personal needs and wants.

There are some features and requirements needed to get this loan;

  • You have the maximum loan amount of N5 million
  • the repayment date range for this kind of loan is thirty-six months.
  • No collateral needed.
  • repayment of the loan would be from your salary account.
  • You will also have to meet the requirements of the bank.

SME loans

Polaris bank is now involved in giving loans for small and medium scale enterprises (SME). Just like I earlier pointed out the different types of loans which include structured finance, auto loans, and others. if there is any specific loan you want to go for then what you should do is to reach out to the customer service they will put you through the process.

Polaris Bank Swift Code

Bank Name Polaris Bank Limited
Bank Address 3, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island
City Lagos
Country Nigeria



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