How to get  Ocash loan in Nigeria


 Are you looking for a loan platform that so quickly issues quick loans to you?
Do you need a quick loan without collateral? Do you feel so reluctant that you don’t want to get out of the house and go to the bank, or you don’t just like applying and acquiring loans from local banks near you?

Then the best news is here for you, Okash, which is a subsidiary of Opay (Opera pay) is a micro-lending online platform that gives their uses quick and easy access to two loans without collateral.

This online lending platform is available on play store for different countries while you in Nigeria can easily get it in Opay application for both Android and iOS devices.

Okash is an opera pay subsidiary that offers to its customer’s financial services. Opay has other subsidiaries like Obus, Oride, Ofood, and others.

Okash was launched in 2018 in Kenya before it was extended to other African countries like Nigeria. It’s financial establishment and subsidiary was very notable in Kenya to the extent that Kenyan farmers who lived in rural areas use it as a means of loan acquisition to develop their farm. Okash financial services is also extended to India.

In this post, I will give you a breakdown of the process that will help you apply for a loan from Okash.

How to get Okash loan

The user interface for this loan application is notable for its friendly navigation, which enables the user to navigate the app easily. This applies to the quick loan app too.

Getting a loan from this platform is quite easy, but you will be required to go through this process:

Download the app

if you want to get a loan easily from this application first thing you need to do is head to Google play store, search for Okash app (this is because this application is no longer integrated into the opay app which is available in Nigeria). Okash app it’s currently stand-alone that is available on Google play store.

Once you see the house click on the install button and download it. Once you’re done with installation take the next step.

Open the app:

go to the newly installed app which you can find easily on your device open it and register with your phone number.

Login to Okash

But if you already have an account with Opay then you don’t need to sign up. All you need to do is log in with your already registered details.

Accept terms and conditions

Go through the terms and conditions of the online lending platform just to be sure before you agree then click on the continue button in affirmation.

Verify your account

once you’re done accepting the terms and condition next thing is to confirm your acceptance by receiving a verification code. On your request, a six-digit verification code sent to your phone through SMS then enter the correct digits in the box provided.

Create a pin

The next step is for you to create a PIN code which is 4 digits. you’ll be required to enter this four-digit code twice for verification.

Grant permission to Okash

You are required to grant location permission to this application so click on allow.

Make a loan application

But the fact that you’re using this service for the first time you will encounter a loan amount limit.

The loan amount that you can take as a first-timer ranges between 3000 to 30000 naira and you’re expected to pay this loan within 61 days to 365 days.

just make a selection of the perfect loan amount for you that you are sure you can repay for the expiration date.

That thing you should do is select the number of days to repay the loan. Okash uses an algorithm to check credit credibility and know how much loan you can afford to pay back easily that is why while some get the minimum amount of 3000 others to get the minimum amount of 30000 despite being at the level of the first time user

Once you have selected a particular loan amount and your repayment tenure the artificial intelligence calculates the total cost of both the interest and the original loan you took and show you the expected procedure to pay back.

Give adequate reasons for Loan selection

Before submission, you are asked the reason for taking this loan you have to select the best reason which suits your need.


The next thing you should do is to click on the link for the application of a loan.

Fill the required information

The next thing is filling your necessary information. You are asked to failing details regarding your location address calendar and give permissions to your phone.


afterward what you should do to get your loan approval is to click on submit.

Upload documents

You are required to upload a copy of your ID or take a selfie of yourself and upload to the application.

For you to get the loan quickly dispersed to your wallet which doesn’t happen immediately you have to click on the submit button which is the last one.

For verification of the correct processes on a loan application, Okash will send a message alert to your mobile phone number to inform you that your application is in the review. after loan approval, you will get the money paid directly to your Opay wallet and from there you can withdraw directly into your local bank account.

Some other factors that should let you in on regarding this online learning platform is that it has 24-hours support that is made available for all customers. Within the first three months, this lending platform disbursed loans worth more than 250 million dollars to its users.

this actually happened between 20th of July 2019 to September 2019 in three countries which include Nigeria, India, and Kenya.

Over five million people have benefited from this project. this is a huge feat that is outstanding for any microloan company to take within such amount of time. This online lending app Okash was originally acquired by an opera company in December of 2018 and by 2019 it has expanded its services to Nigeria and India.

This app is known to have his biggest market in India where is average loan is $50 while in Kenya and the average loan is $40 in Nigeria it is less than $10.
this online lending platform will soon expand Its services to other African countries.



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