How to get Palmcredit loan in Nigeria (2021)

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On this page you get to know everything about getting a loan for different purposes from palmcredit online lending platform.

About palmcredit

One of the best online learning platforms in Nigeria that disperses quick loans to individuals without collateral is palmcredit.

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Is financial technology platform is a product of transnet financial Nigeria limited. The aim of this lending platform is to make loans very available to Nigeria in any part of the country without requesting for collateral.

This is a big feat because of the location of Nigerian citizens and the nature of individuals here. This means that most people don’t pay back loans given to them without you having to drag them, while others seek to look for loan lending platforms to scam.

However, the loans from palmcredit attract a very low-interest rate most times and this makes it to Top as one of the best online lending platforms in Nigeria.

Any Nigerian citizens with the intention of getting a loan to sort out any need have the freedom to make an application for a loan on the platform. The Palm credit loan can be easily downloaded from the Google play store.

The Palm credit loan app has become very notable and got listed as one of the top 10 best loan apps in Nigeria by webbspy. It has always continued to give out loans to Nigerian citizens without asking for collateral on a daily basis.

However, palmcredit is not a charity organization. so, for you to get a loan there you have to stick to the terms and conditions. this online lending platform will be very beneficial especially for you looking for where to get a loan to solve your problems.

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Here on this post, we would briefly look at how to get a loan from palmcredit:

Requirements for Palmcredit loan

To get a loan from palm credit loan app you are required to have the following details:

  • You must have your bank verification number (BVN)
  • You are required to provide your full name
  • you have to also fill in your primary telephone number
  • You have to provide your bank account details
  • you should also provide some information regarding your occupation

on a general scale this information that is required Is just basic information that you fill in every day and wouldn’t take you more than five minutes to provide.

How to get palmcredit loan

Below are the guidelines you should follow to easily get a loan from palm credit:

1. Download and install the app on your device

if you’re interested in getting a loan from palm credit the first step you should take is to go to Google play store search for the app and download it.

After downloading the app you should install the app but I should warn you this app is currently only available for Android users the app is not yet ready for iOS or on windows.

So let’s proceed, you can easily install this app in 2 ways, first, you could just head to the online platform of palm credit, input your number and get the Palm credit application while the second way is to go to Google play store and download the app.


However, getting the app is no limitation to getting a loan from palm credit because without this app you can still get a loan from the platform.

  1. Register
    After the installation of the palmcredit app on your phone what you should do next is click on register. When you do that you will see a listed set of instructions on your screen follow them and provide all the information needed. After the registration you’ll be required to verify your phone through a code that will be sent to your phone while registering, when you get the code input it on the app and click on verify.
  2. Apply for your loan
    after you finished your registration then the next thing to do is to make an application for a loan.
    The process for application of loan on this platform is very easy everything has been placed to improve the customer and user experience so just follow the guidelines of the app.
  3. Get loan approved
    after you have submitted the application for a loan the next thing you should do is to wait patiently till your loan application gets approved.
    The approval time for these loans does not require long hours so far as you’ve provided the accurate information needed in your application.
  4. Receive your loan
    After having waited for a few minutes and your loan got approved you will receive an alert containing the loan straight into your bank account. Is the money to solve your needs and also keep up the end of your bargain bayou repaying the loan when due.

Loan amount limit

On palm credit online learning platform you could get a huge amount of loans. At least you could get up to a hundred thousand Naira instantly on the platform.
The maximum amount offered by the platform being adjusted at any time.

Interest rate and fees on palmcredit

Palmcredit is so good that they don’t charge origination fees, rollover feelings, or even transaction fees. On this platform the interest rates for loans range from 14% to 24% which when broken down on a monthly basis the interest rate is 4.6%.
The annual percentage rate on an average palmcredit loan is up to 56.78%.

Repayment of loan on palmcredit

Repayment of loans on farm credit is very easy and doesn’t require much process all you need to do is log into the platform via the app or the website. Click on ‘my loans’.

You’ll be faced with an option of selecting how much you want to pay back, pick the amount you desire then you can make repayment through your debit card on the app.

The account of palm credit has been provided on the app or the website so you could easily repay the loan you took if you can’t use your debit card to make payment.

But just before making this deposit into the provided account number be sure to speak to their customer care through the provided lines.

Loan term

On palm credit the loan term range is from 14 days to 180 days.

Palmcredit customer care number
The contact line that has been provided to reach customer care for palm credit is 017 001 000.

Palmcredit app

you could easily get palmcredit up by going to the official website for palmcredit and inputting your phone number there to get the app. You could also get the palmcredit app from Google play store for your Android device but it’s not yet available on IOS, blackberry, and windows.

Palmcredit website

The official website for the online lending platform palmcredit is, but in a case where you could not get through using the website you can always use the app which is always online or reach out to using their Facebook page.

Contact email

The official contact email for palmcredit is

Palmcredit easy login

To easily login to palm credit and get a loan you have to download the app from Google play store or go to the website to input your phone number and get the app.


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