How to get proofreading jobs online that don’t need experience


In this post will be looking at how to get proofreading jobs online without getting any experience in the past. All we will be looking at in this post will contain proofreading jobs tools and everything you need to know about proofreading before venturing into the career path.

It is no surprise that in a world with over millions of websites in existence that there are several proofreading gigs on the internet this is because a lot of people are in need of this service and some of these websites provide an avenue for them to reach out to expertise in this field to get what they want. It might get overwhelming initially when you attempt getting entry-level proofreading jobs especially online without having any experience prior to that.

Yes, it is very tricky but not to worry this post will put it through how you can easily land yourself a legitimate and well-paying proofreading job online and this post will give you insight on some companies that are currently hiring proofreaders.

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How to become a professional proofreader

For every article that is well written out, there is a very good proofreader who makes sure that that article is polished and without errors before being published. It is quite easy for the common man to mistake proofreaders for editors.

There is a clear distinction between being an editor and a proofreader and that is that editors firstly do their job before passing it on to a proofreader.

This is because your editor restructured the articles and makes it flow and sound well while a proofreader checks the whole article for spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors without revising or rewriting the article.

How to become a freelance proofreader

you don’t actually need a degree to start your proofreading services but you might need a degree if you want to go into advanced proofreading but not in all cases. there are several proofreading jobs that are out there for entry-level or beginners that do not require a bulk of experience and they are available online.

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All you need to do to become an excellent proofreader is to have an amazing mastery of English language grammar and punctuation.

Most times proofreading jobs require English native speakers they would hardly miss out in the important aspect of the English language and know the correct method with which it is spoken. All you need to do to venture into this career path as part-time or full-time is to make up your portfolio and fill it up with your proofreading abilities then start applying.

To be very honest when I ventured into the first freelancing proofreading job I had to go online to search how to go about it and well, Google teachers all.

It was in a website like this that I learnt how to do this and complete the job skillfully and professionally without having any experience. it is very enjoyable because you get paid from the comfort of your home without going through any traffic or transport to the office.

This will they even give you better opportunity to do other jobs and that is why I will be walking you through the basics of becoming a proofreader and getting the jobs online without any experience.

One thing people don’t know is that if you’ve successfully gone through the four walls of a school and written any articles put on the website or for print magazine caught any errors that people might have not seen and corrected them then you can easily become a good professional online proofreader because you possess the ability to see through mistakes that are common to many. You just have to be patient and to have a good grasp of the English language.


Proofreading tools

There are tools that will enable your skill you’re proofreading jobs even as a newbie without any experience.

it is very challenging to become a proofreader especially handling gigs as a beginner in order to avoid some errors there are few useful tools that could make it very easy for you:

Copyediting and proofreading for dummies – this is one of the best friendly guide that would enable you to position yourself for success to gain proofreading jobs online.

Grammarly – this has proven itself to be a very useful tool in terms of grammatical composition and error-free writing and this will enable you to gain proofreading jobs easily.

Ginger – this is an amazing software that will enable you to write faster and better.

The blue book of grammar and punctuation- this is a very entertaining and concise book that will guide you in mastering English grammar.

Slick write- this is an application that helps cross-check you’re writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and this can help you land your desired proofreading jobs online.

Where to apply for proofreading jobs online

as a beginner with no experience in the field, there are websites where you can easily apply for proofreading jobs online and get it but all you have to do is to build your portfolio on these platforms.

Now that you’ve gone through the post then have an idea about proofreading and tools that will guide you to through this job it is high time you land your first gig without experience and I’ll provide you with a list of websites where you can get proofreading jobs online.

The smart crowd – on this website you can easily check out the latest postings for proofreading jobs and you can also find editing jobs there. there are new opportunities being added every month so also check the section for remote proofreader jobs.

Dominate – on this website, you can easily get proofreading jobs and freelance editing jobs that you can do from home every day and earn your money.

Sibia – this company allows you to work for them by providing the best services of proofreading to professors, students, authors, and others.

Upwork – you can easily start up your first online proofreading jobs by sharing your expertise on your profile in this website and this website connects a lot of people that require your services to reach you directly and takes a percentage in commission after work is done.

Fiverr – just like Upwork, this is another job board that will allow you to source for the client without any experience in the proofreading sector that is a premium account that you can upgrade to once you start getting a lot of clients.

I hope all these guidelines put you through the process of becoming a proofreader online without experience, Good luck!


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