How to Get Quick Loan in Nigeria in 2022


This write up will be looking at the quickest way to get fast loan here in Nigeria. We will be compiling the list of top 10 institutions that can give you fast loans here in Nigeria in Minutes or less than 24 hours.

List of institutions that can give you quick loan in Nigeria

Access bank PayDay loan

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Access payday loan is a short-term mobile loan platform in Nigeria for people with “paid employment”. To apply, you can visit any nearby affiliate and request a PayDay credit application package.

This would include a guarantor form that must be completed and signed by your employer or someone who assumes a leadership position in an established organization.


  • The terms of the PayDay Bank loan are:
  • Excerpt from a 3-month payroll bank;
  • a valid government-issued ID card;
  • Valid employee identity card;
  • Check after the date from you and your guarantor.

To get an Access Bank PayDay loan through the USSD code, check

* 901 * 11 # or * 426 * 11 #

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Credit Aella

Aella Credit is a quick online loan option for employees. They can give a loan of NGN 1,500 to NGN 700,000. No documents are required for a fast internet loan from them. However, it is affiliated with credit bureaus in Nigeria and seeks to lend to Africans. It is available in Ghana, Nigeria and the Philippines.

Aella Credit determines the creditworthiness of the applicant before approving the loan application. This is accomplished through a computer-based scoring of respondents to examine the applicant’s debt-to-income ratio and other social and demographic variables.


The terms of the Aella loan loan are:

Your BVN and Aella Credit mobile app

ALAT from Wema Bank

ALAT by Wema is the first full-service digital bank. ALAT by Wema has proven to be a fascinating platform for people looking to save money with good returns, as well as for loan seekers. With the ALAT, you can apply for a loan without paperwork or be physically present at the bank.

You can also do all your banking transactions in the app. In addition, after a quick credit check, you will be notified as soon as your request is approved.


  • To get a fast internet loan in Nigeria from ALAT by Wema, you need the following;
  • Have a standard ALAT Savings Account.
  • Please update your account before submitting your request.
  • The account must have frequent payment and debit transactions.
  • The interest rate on the Wema ALAT loan ranges between 20% and 30% per annum.
  • USSD code: To get a WAT loan via USSD code, simply dial * 945 * 100 #


An affiliate is a line of credit designed to help you grow financially. They are dedicated to providing world-class financial services to the mobile generation. The higher the credit unit in your branch, the more credit you can get. It is one of the best loan organizations in Nigeria.

But it looks like a lending platform designed for the middle class. However, you do not need the loan documentation. You can contact the customer service department by sending an email to Here is what you need to get this fast internet loan in Nigeria.


The terms of the affiliate loan are

  • BVN.
  • At least a year on the phone.
  • Access your phone’s contacts
  • Your personal information.
  • Good credit score.
  • Refund channels
  • Agency loan payment channels are direct debit, agency application and unique USSD code for GT Bank customers.



Creditville Limited is a property management company that bases its services and operations on the world’s best practices. It is a Nigerian-based private credit platform focused on real estate markets, consumer finance and capital markets.

They prefer to give loans to employees or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Easy loan

Easy Loan is a fast-paced internet loan service in Nigeria. However, it generally provides its services within 24 hours of meeting all requirements.

Easyloan offers between NG 50,000 and NGN 1 million, depending on your salary qualification. The repayment period is between 3 and 12 months. They offer a relatively low and fixed interest rate of 5% per month. If you pay on time during the loan period, you can also get a bonus of up to 1% per month.

Interest rate: Easyloan offers a fixed interest rate of 5% per month.

Customer Contact: You can contact Easyloan customer service on +234 809 666 5661 or email

Fast Credit

Fast Credit offers fast loans in Nigeria to companies like SMEs to drive the growth of these companies. They also offer versatile cash loan to employees in telecommunications, aviation, government MDAs, banks, insurance companies, and more.

Once the applicant has fulfilled the criteria and approved them, the loan guaranteed by the guarantor is granted for a maximum of 6 months.

First City Bank of Monuments (FCMB) FastCash)

FCMB FastCash offers fast internet secured loans in Nigeria. If you have an urgent financial support, here is an instant loan you can apply for. You can get a loan of around 100 000 NGN without any documents.

  • How to qualify for an FCMB Quick Cash Loan
  • You must have an account at FCMB.

USSD code: FCMB FastCash USMB Code is * 329 #

Commercial Loans of the First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

FCMB Business Loans offers personal loans based on your monthly salary. You can borrow from 180,000 N to 10 million naira, depending on your needs and the qualifications of your employer. These loans have a very flexible repayment schedule, ranging from 12 to 60 months.

This loan is additional security for the loan beneficiaries. Customers can claim this loan at any FCMB outlet and request a surcharge 6 months after the initial loan payment.


FCMB business loan requirements include;

  • Must be a certified employee of FCMB Qualified Companies (a list of Qualified Companies is available at all FCMB agencies or on their website);
  • You must have an FCMB account and there must be an obligation to receive a salary through this account;
  • Minimum monthly net income of 18,000

You must have been handed at least one paycheck in your FCMB account before disbursing the loan.

FINT a loan

FINT is the first online platform for equal services in Nigeria. Help lenders seek acceptable returns with creditworthy borrowers for a reasonable interest rate. FINT uses a fully automated process that makes it transparent and easy to use.

It is used by a numerical expression based on the analysis of a person’s data level to create unique interest rates based on an individual’s risk assessment. But it is a loan platform that ensures that people’s lending needs are met quickly and efficiently.

FINT loan requirements:

  • To use FINT, you have to pay two fees, which are one-time fees.
  • Checking fees of 3000 ₦; there
  • 8% closing cost.

Interest rate

Depending on your risk assessment, interest rates for FINT loans range from 3% to 5% per month.

This is a comprehensive list of institution that gives fast loans to individual, you can apply to them and in less than 24 hours you will be given loan. Kindly help share with your social media network and you can drop your comments below.


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