How to Get Schenghen Visa in Nigeria (2021)


Getting United States visa could be a hectic task for Nigerians. However, the way to seamlessly process your visa is what you would want to find out. Great! Here is a step by step process on how you will go about scheduling your USA visa appointment in Nigeria. There are two forms in which any foreigner can get an American visa:

  • It could either be the non-immigrant visa for those who want temporary residence or
  • An immigrant visa for those who are seeking permanent residence in the USA. Citizens from qualified countries could also get into America without a visa.

This is possible through the Visa Waiver Program which is unfortunately unavailable for Nigerians. Thus if you are going for studies or work or any other thing that will require you to come back after some time, the non-immigrant visa is for you. In making an application for an American visa, the first step to take is filling the DS-160 form online.

The DS-160 determines much of whether your application will pull or end up unsuccessful. It is a lengthy form that may take you days to fill, but treating it as important is a necessity. After you have filled the DS-160 form online, the next step to climb is to schedule the US visa appointment.

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To schedule your visa appointment interview means you have paid a non-refundable visa fee. As an applicant for the USA visa, you must appear in person at the Embassy in Abuja on the date of your interview.

Click the link here ( to enter the registration page. In order to schedule your US visa interview or enter your visa delivery address, you will have to register and create a profile online. This is only applicable to new users; old users should have profile accounts already created.


But if you are an old user who has lost his login details, simply click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ button and reset your password. As a new user, click the ‘New User’ button and from there create your profile. The information with which you create your account must match that you filled in the DS-160 form.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions and be sure you are fine with it. On your login dashboard, you will see a menu from where you can make a new application and schedule an appointment. You could also update your profile through your dashboard.

Required documents to Schedule Appointment for Non-immigrant visa

You are required to have the below listed documents available in order to complete your visa interview schedule. These documents provided here is according to the provisions of

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  • A valid passport that could be used to travel to the USA. The passport needs have a validity date of at least six months more than your intended period of stay in the USA. If the passport is a passport of more than one person, each person requesting for a visa must make a separate application.
  • The visa application payment receipt made at GTBank.
  • The DS-160 confirmation page.
  • A valid e-mail address and phone number
  • Documents supporting your visa class

Though you can change your scheduled appointment date, there is a limit to which you can make such a change. Thus you must make your pans properly and make sure your date of choice is feasible for you.


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