How to Get Trader Moni Loan in Nigeria (2021)


This is a loan initiative that has no interest attached meant for Petty Traders who need just a little capital to begin their businesses or help their existing businesses.

This system was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria and it is a major pad of the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme scheme of Nigeria’s Federal Government.

The good thing about this loan system is that you do not need collateral to access it neither do you need to pay interest.

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In this post, we intend to share with you how you can have access to tradermoni also known as Trader Money.

This loan scheme only became prominent following the vics president’s visit to markets where he gave out loans to various traders. Read on to find out more!

Why is Trader Moni important?

In Nigeria, there are several petty traders who are in need of just a little capital to help start up, expand or resuscitate their businesses.

Many of these traders usually have no access to loans majorly because they can’t meet the requirements of the various financial institutions.

For instance, many of them don’t have collateral plus the fact the interest rates in these banks are really high. More so, some of these petty traders are not so educated to the point of having a bank account.

So due to these shortcomings, many petty businesses continue to struggle to exist without noticeable growth. The sad truth is that these traders are not even looking huge amounts to grow their trades, they just need little amount to help them.

This is the reason why Nigeria’s Federal Government has established this loan scheme in order to ease the traders of their burden.

Who Is This Loan Meant For?

The tradermoni loan scheme is specifically created for party traders. If you have your own business in Nigeria and you think 10,000 can be of great help to your trade, then this loan scheme is for you.

In other words, are you into any of these businesses?
Foodstuff, Mai shai, mobile tailoring, wheelbarrow pushing, bread hawking, kiosk owner, fruit trade, or other petty trade business? Indeed you are eligible for this loan scheme.

How Much Money Can You Have Access To Under This Scheme?

You can access to loan amount between 10,000-100,000 from this scheme, but know that this loan is a step by step procedure.
First, you will be given 10,000, if you pay back promptly, then you will have access to greater amount. So from 10,000, you will move to 15,000, then to 20,000, from there to 50,000 and ultimately 100,000.

The interesting thing about the repayment process is that it’s automated. As soon as you pay back, you will have access to a greater amount immediately.

Any Interest Rate?

As stated earlier, tradermoni scheme is an interest-free loan, that is when paying back, you pay the exact amount you borrowed.

Do I Need Any Collateral?

Another advantage is that this loan is collateral-free that is, you do not need any collateral to get tradermoni. Thanks to the Federal Government of Nigeria who wants everyone to benefit from this scheme.


There is basically no serious requirements for this scheme. So far you are eligible, you can apply and for the initial 10,000 you will not need to present your bank account. As soon as you need the second money that’s is 15000, you will be required to submit your account details.

How To Access Tradermoni

1. Check For The Agent Close To You.

The first step to take is to find a tradermoni agent in your state of residence, to get this, visit the Tradermoni website and check for state coordinator. Get the agents contact and call him or her.

2. Give Your Details

Your state agent will get your details, it’s basically your personal information. The process is quite fast and simple.

3. Text Alert

As soon as you are done with step 2, you will get a text message on your phone immediately, in this message, you will find a code, make sure you save the code.

4. Get  your money

Finally, go and get your cash withdrawn from your bank, use carefully and return back so you can get more money.

How And When Am I Expected To Pay Back?

You have to repay the first N10, 000 for six months. You will repay N430 every week with this scheme. You will return in three months if you want to return sooner which means every week, it’s N860 you are going topay.  You get the next loan immediately.
Quite Interesting right?

Do you desire to become an agent of tradermoni? Waste no time, simply these two steps;

1. Get In Touch with your state

The very first step you need to take is to contact the scheme coordinator in your state of residence. To find your state coordinator, search the website of the scheme.

2. Volunteer To Be An Agent

As soon as you establish a good relationship with your Coordinator, discuss your desire to be an agent with him or her For further enquiries, you can read them through these channels:

  • Email:
  • Phone number: 0700-1000-200
  • Website:

I’m sure this post has been enlightening enough, so f you are eligible or you know someone who is eligible, follow due process and have your cash!.


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