How to invest wisely in Nigeria


Most people want extra money but if you’re working, you probably will be dependent on your salary your skill can even help you negotiate a raise.

Still, the truth behind this is that your boss controls you and you have to do whatever he wants for you to get your money that is why these tips to invest wisely will be very useful in growing your money.

The truth is most people think investing money or wealth creation is a very complicated game but this notion is very wrong. Investments can be complex but you could easily use simple strategies to make it work out well.

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If you’ve never done an investment before or this is your first time you don’t have to worry these steps will easily get you through the process you need to cultivate some principles and habits that will help improve your net worth.

In this post, I will expatiate on how to set your target and achieve your long-term financial goals and this does not have any age restriction because at any point in your life when you have enough capital you can easily invest.

Yes, I know most people see investment as a very complicated term but it’s not like that quite some misconception about investments as most people see those investing to be men in suits only and monitoring the stock exchange get the buy and sell just like this in the movies.

The truth is you don’t need to be on Wall Street to start making investments you don’t have to be the wolf you might as well be the mouse the most important thing is are you investing? Even when you are budget is very low and you make investment your money will grow rapidly with the compound interest rate.

For you to be able to make investments you need to develop good habits that are a priority, the kind of habit and talking about it saving some money every month, saving money from things you don’t really need the most when you pile up this money you’ll be shocked at how much it is.

Once you have a little money with you, you can always start investing in smaller stocks.
By the year 2020, the way of doing things has all changed as the means of doing things have really changed so fast due to technology.

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This technological development has also affected the method of investment you can also invest with a click of a button in just a few seconds.

There are some beautiful investments which if you make you can always and a lot of money while you sleep or play. Check off the idea that investments are scary they are not.

with the steps and guidelines and going to give you making an investment that’s a beginner is very easy and it’s easier than opening a bank account, yes that’s how easy it is.

There are certain necessary habits that you need to cultivate in order to invest money wisely and create wealth.

You’ll gain financial independence and progress when your returns from your investment surpass your passive income and we’ll be able to take care of your expenses without you needing to get the job.

People have different lifestyles and different demands in life, this same way investment are different people choose different levels and packages. While people look for Little others want to take a big risk.


Steps to invest wisely

For example, my goal might be to get money to buy nice clothes and sneakers while another person’s goal will be to get a flashy car.

1. Monitor your Savings and Investments

If you want to take control of your finances you need two important tools which are making a budget and also keep track of your money.

Setting a budget means that you make a plan of how you spend your money every month and then make sure your actual spending is in tandem with your plans. If you need to invest your money or grow it then you will have to be very careful with keeping track of your spending savings and investments.

There are many mobile apps out there on play store that could make it very easy for you to track your spending and savings all you need to do is download them and sync it with your bank account.

Tracking on money is very important because without tracking you won’t know how much you are spent you will know where your money is going into and you will know if you’ve lost track of getting closer to your goals either.

2. Save some money

if you want to grow your money easily you will need to save some money saving is not easy so it’s easier said than done.

It is really hard but the approach that you can adopt and it won’t be that difficult. If you’re using the approach or paying your bills first then using the remaining to save him I end up not sleeping at all so the secret to saving is to treat it as an expense let it be a bill that you need to pay your bill make the payment into another account.

Yes, you have to fool your brain. You need to create a budget that has an amount of savings allocated to it then automate these savings so they could easily go out without your approval to the savings account finally always go through your plan to know if you’re still on your way to achieving your goals.

Get a Side hustle

In other to increase your savings you can either more money or spend less.
is it the option of adding more money it would require an extra source of income that will help you offset your expenses.

Picking a side hustle might help you you need to check some jobs that you have passion for and get them part-time you could be doing that from home or after your 9 to 5 job.

As for me, the favorite side hustles are freelance writing blogging and digital marketing. You could also get things that you have passion for.

Things like virtual assistant work web design customer service and proofreading are very good opportunities that you can evolve in.


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