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The rotary international club is an international service organization whose purpose is to bring professional and business leaders together in order to advance peace and Goodwill in the world and provide humanitarian services.

Rotary International is a non-religious and non-political organization in the world whose membership is open to everybody. Rotary International has more than 35,000 member clubs around the world. Rotary international had hit a Hallmark of over 1.2million members worldwide.

Rotary International has played a very crucial part with the United Nations when it began operation in 1945 and at that point, the rotary was already in 65 countries. It was by 1946 to 1947 rotary international received consultative status at the United Nations.

Rotary clubs played an important role in the second world war in Europe. Due to the outbreak of the Spanish civil war, rotary clubs in Spain stopped operation.

Other European clubs that ceased to function are:

  • Netherlands (1923)[19]
  • Finland (1926)
  • Austria (1938)
  • Italy (1939)
  • Czechoslovakia (1940)
  • Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Yugoslavia, Poland, and Luxembourg (1941)
  • Hungary (1941/1942)

Joining Rotary Club

If you want to become a part of a large international group then joining rotary club might be the best option for you and you don’t have to worry if you will need to make commitments as a member. As a rotary member, you’re required to present in at least half of the meetings in every six months of the calendar year. You find out if there are additional meeting obligations required by your local rotary club.

Before you join rotary club you have to look beyond attending meetings. as a prospective member, I should think more about the rule rotary club plays in your life. Your local Rotary club might focus on one of these major service areas:
Vocational, club, community, and international.

As a member of the group you have the obligation of keeping current members active and helping recruit new members. You’re also required to pay annual membership dues. for you to know the exact cost of your annual due you have to contact your local rotary club. They also different things like district dues and international dues.

You should also expect to be asked to participate in leadership training to prepare you for the role in your local club. You should also be a minder rotary club membership that is exclusively by invitation.

you only become a member of the Rotary Club if you’re invited by someone to join the club no by attending some meetings and filling the prospective member form.
To qualify as a member of the Rotary club you need to have a current job or have retired.
you can also qualify to become a member if you are still in college join the school rotary club. Another way you can become a member is to demonstrate your dedication to service or your ability to attend meetings.

The rotary club also has openings for pilot programs. This program contains E-club option another one is the meeting frequency project which has a more flexible meeting schedule.

However, you should note that there are several benefits of being a member of a rotary international club.

These are benefits like:

  1. Friendships
    Rotary gives friendship, this is one of the reasons why the international club was established in 1905.
    Rotary helps provide one of the most basic human needs which is fellowship and friendship.
  2. Personal growth and development
    Becoming a member of the Rotary club helps increase one’s growth in Human relations and personal development.
  3. Business development
    The second major reason why rotary was established is because of business development. Every human being needs to network and Rotary provides a cross-section of every community of businesses.
  4. Leadership development
    Rotary is an organized movement of successful people and leaders. becoming a member of the Rotary club helps groom you for leadership. Rotary teaches you things like influence, how to lead and motivate leaders.
  5. Continuing education
    Rotary helps keep its members updated and enlighten them on issues going around in the world. there are programs that help keep members of rotary clubs informed on what is going on in the community. Also, members of the Rotary club always listen to different speakers and their meetings and that way they learn from different topics.
  6. Citizenship in the community
    Rotary helps teach its member how to become better citizens in the community. This is because of the members of Rotary clubs at the most active citizens.
  7. Fun
    When you join the rotary be sure you will have a lot of fun.
    This is because rotary is fun, social activities, meetings, and services are fun.
  8. World Citizenship
    Members of the Rotary club wear a badge and have the inscription rotary international. Most countries in the world have a Rotary club and this is why it is a world-class membership. Members of the rotary club have been advised to pay a visit to other member countries.
  9. Public speaking skills
    Most people who are new members had revealed that prior to them joining they had fear to speak in public places. But what grocery does is that it helps build the member’s confidence and public communication skills. Rotary helps give the opportunity to members to practice and perfect their speaking skills.
  10. Assistance
    Since there are Rotary clubs everywhere, you will have to find it difficult to pay a visit to a place where there are no Rotary clubs.

And there’s nothing like gender inequality and Rotary club women are currently allowed to join the club as members unlike before 1989 where the constitution and bylaws of rotary international stated that the club was meant for males alone.

With my explanations on how to become a member of Rotary club international I hope you find it easy and useful in your quest to become a member of this Royal and undisputed international club.

Notable past Presidents

  • Jim Emmerling (1908–09)
  • Paul P. Harris (1910–12)
  • Clinton Presba Anderson (1932–33)
  • Herbert J. Taylor (1954–55)
  • Nitish Chandra Laharry (1962–63)
  • Richard L. Evans (1966–67)
  • Luther H. Hodges (1967–68)
  • Sir Clem Renouf (1978–79)
  • Carlos Canseco (1984–85)
  • Royce Abbey (1988–89)


Rotary International Presidents 2001–present

  • Richard D. King (2001–02)
  • Bhichai Rattakul (2002–03)
  • Jonathan B. Majiyagbe (2003–04)
  • Glenn E. Estess, Sr. (2004–05)
  • Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar (2005–06)
  • William Boyd (2006–07)
  • Wilfrid J. Wilkinson (2007–08)
  • Dong Kurn Lee (2008–09)
  • John Kenny (2009–10)
  • Ray Klinginsmith (2010–11)
  • Kalyan Banerjee (2011–12)
  • Sakuji Tanaka (2012–13)
  • Ron D. Burton (2013–14)
  • Gary C. K. Huang (2014–15)
  • R. Ravindran (2015–16)
  • John F. Germ (2016–17)
  • Ian H. S. Riseley (2017–18)
  • Barry Rassin (2018–19)
  • Mark Daniel Maloney (2019–20)



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