How to know what model of iPhone I have


Hello, Many people really want to know how they can identify there iPhone.

Here today we will emphasize on how to identify any class of iPhone and you will definitely find it useful.

The best way to know your iPhone model is by checking the serial number at it’s back. You will see something like model XXX,or 245-6789.

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You can use this number to verify or confirm the exact model of your iPhone. In case the number at the back of your iPhone had disappeared just log on your iPhone or your iPad (iOS Settings app and navigate to General and clik on About, then it will show the Model or the Model Number).

To check your iPhone just click on Model to reveal the model number. You can see the Model Name under General on any iOS or iPhones.

Follow these simple instructions to check your iPhone model:

Select setting App then click on general to check the size of your iPhone at 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB sizes.

An iPhone with 64GB storage capacity will display capacity of around 56GB.

Apple has a unique way of numbering its devices.

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1. These are the kind of alphanumeric together with numbers which always starts with an Alphabet. The serial code will start with A followed by 4 prime numbers. E.g A2457.


2. This kind of serial number normally starts with M followed by numbers but this might not really be at all times. Sometimes you see something like LL/A or SKU, depending on the type of iPhone.

Apple finds it very difficult to conclude on what name their devices will be called due to the documentation policy.

iPhone 8 specification starts with A and you can verify the device model by clicking on setting then you proceed to the About.

How to recognize An iPhone 4 Or 4s

This set of phones is partly glasses, specifically the front Made of Glass which either in black or white.

The iPhone 4 is designed in such a way that it can’t easily be loosened or broken into, The CDMA version of the iPhone 4 might have a sim tray, while some might not because of the official packaging.

iPhone 4s always have a SIM tray compared to the normal iPhone 4 and can fit four roles of the app icon

The storage capacity of the iPhone 4S is in 8gb 16gb and 32gb. Check Settings then go to General About, and if Capacity not higher than 32GB it means the device is an iPhone 4s.

How to recognize an iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is a very similar device compared to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen while it can fit five to the sixth roles of app icon and the dock row at the app icon.

iPhone 5s has the Touch ID scanner which made it amazing and it looks the same as the iPhone 5 with no space of difference.


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