How to lock WhatsApp on phone


We’ll show you how to lock your WhatsApp on your phone probably to protect your privacy.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that was acquired by Facebook group CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He has more than 1 billion monthly users making it to join Facebook and one of the most used social media applications.

This messaging app is different from others due to its unique features as it allows the users to have communication via messages that are in the form of audio, chat, voice, and video calls. They’ve also added extra features like statuses and group video calls.

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WhatsApp is very unique in the sense that it also allows its users to share documents data in form of photos, videos, gifs, and locations.

if you always use WhatsApp then you will notice that unlike other social media have there is no system of authentication for users on the platform like the one that allows users to use password PIN or pattern lock. And this is why recently unauthorized users have gained access into the social app can easily steal some things without your permission if you’re not careful.

But there’s a bright side to that and that is why you are on this page to find out ways you can easily protect your WhatsApp and lock it on your phone to prevent Intruders. There are ways to do it for Android phones also for iPhone users and I will list them all here comprehensively.

Although WhatsApp has always been encrypted which gives it a particular level of security it was recently in 2019 that WhatsApp added a feature that will allow the users to lock their chats.
This feature will prevent intruders that take your phone to check your gallery not to access your private WhatsApp chats without your authorization. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption which means that you can only access it physically but with this new feature you can also block this physical intrusion.

Face ID or Touch ID on iOS

On iPhones, a new biometric security feature has been launched recently and this feature makes it easy for iPhones to lock WhatsApp using touch or face ID which you can easily use for authentication to grant access to the app.

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This is how you can easily set up face of touch ID lock on your iPhone;

Go to your settings
Click account
Select privacy on WhatsApp.
Enable screen lock feature.
You are done.

Once the settings have been all set then you can authenticate your identity with face or touch ID anyone that you prefer. But this feature will not hide your push notifications. However, before making the settings on your iOS device you have to make sure your iPhone is running on WhatsApp version 2.19.20.

With this face ID and touch ID your WhatsApp chat is secured as there is no one else that has your fingerprint or face because it is unique to you alone. you don’t have to worry about intruders bypassing it because this is purely biometric.

WhatsApp lock on Android

To lock your WhatsApp chat on Android device you have to follow these steps but you have to ensure that your Android device has WhatsApp version 2.19.221

On your Android device, go to WhatsApp settings.

Go to account and click privacy.

After clicking privacy scroll down to fingerprint unlock which is the last option.
When you click on fingerprint unlock you will be asked to make a selection of which method you want i.e if you want to use fingerprint sensor select it.


Use the finger you want to be registered on the sensor for this.

Two-factor notification

Another way you can lock your WhatsApp to avoid intrusion from outsiders is to enable two-factor notification for your application and recently this has been embedded in WhatsApp so you don’t have to go outside to find a third-party app.

For you to easily set up two-factor authentication process on WhatsApp follow the steps below;

Firstly open your WhatsApp application.

on the top right corner of the app click on the three dots you see there.

You will see settings click on it.

Tap account.

Select two-step verification.

Enable it and enter the pin you prefer.

Once it’s set up you are all done and your WhatsApp is already secured.

Asides all these methods listed above there are other methods that you can easily use to lock your WhatsApp on your Android device.

There are many third-party security apps that will easily protect your WhatsApp on Android smartphone and they are;

Norton app lock

Norton suite of a security application is renowned for its popular software for desktop malware protection. It also helps to guard against viruses and Trojans. This application has provided the solution to the security of smartphone users because it enables the users to set a numeric pin or pattern that will enable them to lock or assess these applications.

If you would like to install this application it is very easy to go to Google play store search Norton app lock and download it after installation, launch it.

Go to the Android settings in your smartphone and allow authorization for this application to access your smartphone. Enter your valid email address which would always help you retrieve the pin just in case you lost it, click on continue and launch the app.

To lock your WhatsApp on this application go to the browser function and click on the padlock icon that you will see close to the WhatsApp icon. You are set and all done with the processes.

In addition to all the guidelines that have given you to block your WhatsApp and avoid intrusion, I’ll give you some security hacks.

When you are on the internet you should keep an eye out for several internet risks which comes in form of fake ads, malware, and shady Links but whatever you do you should not be caught off guard. Also, be careful about your bank details on WhatsApp to avoid being drained off online.


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