How To Make Akara/ Bean Cake

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Akara/ Bean Cake

Beans cake is a Nigerian delightful breakfast meal widely consumed by many Nigerians regardless of tribe, it is also known as Akara.

If you intend making Akara or beans cake, you need to, first of all, remove the coat, so the Akara can come out fine.

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Make sure you do not use coatless beans that have been kept in the freezer, the beans you are using has to be fresh and neat.

To make beans cake, the following ingredients are highly needed:
You need:

  • A cup of beans
  • Chilli peppers
  • 1 medium-size onion
  • Salt for taste
  • Oil for frying (preferably Vegetable oil).

The following are the tools you will need for the preparation of Akara.

  • You need a good blender
  • You need Mortar and Pestle

Just Before you fry Akara,

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Note that you are not to allow salt to come in contact with your beans until you are ready to fry, because it is believed that salt hinders beans from rising.

First step of preparation


Soak your measured beans in water for a maximum of 2hours in order to ensure it is soft enough for blending.
However, if you are planning to use the big grinding machines common in the Nigerian market,then you do not have to soak the beans in water for long.

Slice your onions and pepper.

Making Of Akara

Now, grind the beans you have soaked and peeled. If you are using blender make sure you add little water, but if you are using a heavy grinding machine,the grinding may not really need water.
Whichever method you choose in grinding the beans, just make sure the water added is in the appropriate quantity, it should not be too much.

Pour some vegetable oil into your pan placed on the cooker. For the frying of Akara, it is advisable that you do deep frying.

Now, put the quantity of beans you can get at once into the mortar and stir with the pestle in a circular motion, make sure you stir well in order to ensure it is smooth enough.

As soon as you are sure you have done Justice to the mixture by stirring properly, then ascertain that the vegetable oil is hot enough, but not too hot because the beans cake may not be well cooked and it may get burnt too.

As soon as you notice that the oil is hot enough, pour in your onions and peppers to the beans puree inside your mortar and stir properly.
For good taste, add salt and stir well. Optionally, you can add seasoning cubes for great taste.

Now to the frying proper;
Scoop the beans mixed with a small spoon and pour it into the hot oil.

Fry both sides until brown,don’t forget to turn to the other side when one side is brown enough.

You can remove the beans balls from the oil When the beans cake are brown enough and when you are sure it is properly done.
Then put them into a sieve that you have lined with paper towels.

Note that when frying the second set, the oil may be too hot already, make sure you reduce the heat so that the Akara won’t get brown too quickly without getting done inside.


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