How to make hundred dollars a day online without any investment


Just like you, some years ago I was looking for ways to make money online which could easily be done from home. well, in my quest to find an alternative source of income that will make me good cash I tried out several methods that didn’t work. the truth is there are lots of opportunities that exist online about how to make money but few of them are real.

In this post, we will only be speaking about the verified ways you can make money online without investing any money some might take your time while some wouldn’t. even if you have a nine-to-five job this is a real opportunity for you to grab and make extra income for yourself because this will help sort out some bills and increase your income goals.

There are several money-making options that day people and they all differ but what if I tell you other ways you can easily make $100 daily from the comfort of your home. Yes such opportunities exist, there are people who make enough income working online from your home which has not been discovered by the majority of individuals.

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after I’ve discovered some of these money-making opportunities online I have become an entrepreneur for myself and a financial adviser to most people for several years and this is due to the successes I have achieved within such an amount of time.

There are days when I make enough money well averagely or over $100 and this makes my head swell with pride. It was very exciting for me the day I got my first paycheck of over $100 on the internet just within a day. Even though I’ve been getting paid for my regular job but earning my first hundred dollars check blew my mind away.

from years of my experience, I can tell you that there are several strategies that is it online where you can make this huge amount of money daily.

If you’re interested in making money that is as much as $100 daily without any form of investment then take a look at these opportunities:

Google AdSense

One of the major opportunities where you can easily make money is blogging. all you need to do to start earning money is pay for your host and domain name which is very essential to the technical aspect of the website. when you’ve created a blog in a particular niche one of the major ways you can monetize this blog is by using Google Adsense.

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It is very recommendable because of the income-earning strategy it possesses all you need to do to key into this program is to sign up with your Google account and get a cold wish you based in your website.

Then leave the rest to Google for activation then whenever someone visits your site to read a particular article or write-up you earn money per impression, if your visitor clicks on your ads and make speeches you earn money from Google.


it took me quite a while to start earning a reasonable amount of money from my website using Google AdSense but I discovered that it was a process and with time the website grew in both traffic and revenue. In about 3 months I reached my $100 payout.

for you to be able to earn a lot of money using Google AdSense you have to make sure you use the right niche for your blog.

There are bloggers that earn over $100 daily and that is the reason why I will recommend blogging as a source of income to earn dollars.

Virtual assistant

This is one great job most people don’t know that exist online. If you have a background in working as an office assistant or you want to venture into learning new skills then you can apply for this position. I would let you know the meaning of this job and its role. A virtual assistant is a person who helps in delivering virtual tasks to help entrepreneurs small business owners and companies grow their businesses. these are some of the tasks assigned to a virtual assistant in a company:

when you become a virtual assistant you can earn up to $100 daily. on some of the platforms for freelancers, virtual assistants are allowed to set their own braids which makes it possible for them to end up to $35 per hour if they have a specialized service or very experienced.

Sell online courses

This is one of the ways you can easily make $100 daily most people see it as dumb or a metal that doesn’t work but I can tell you if you have loyal readers on your platform then you can easily sell these online courses to them because of the value it possesses. Let’s say you have an online course that you’re selling for $50 and you sold three in a day can makes it 150 dollars daily. you have to realize in order to be able to make this kind of money that you aspire to make.

Ensure you create a good and helpful product then have a target audience to market your product to. If you have good traffic there is no way you can or 10 what you want to in a day. You don’t need to own a website to start selling courses. there are websites that offer platforms for writers or teachers to sell their courses online and earn money.

Social media manager

The business is that relies on social media to gain the attention of their clients and these businesses have a lot of following on social media. Most of these business owners have no time to start management of big social-media accounts so they would have to outsource it to individuals who are professionals in the field.

A social media manager is a very busy person especially when he manages multiple accounts from different clients. what the managers do is that they respond to messages and comments to help in social media marketing and creation of content on the platforms.

According to some freelancing recruitment platforms, social media managers can earn up to 56 thousand dollars yearly which means you can actually end up to $30 in an hour.



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