How to make money on twitch in Nigeria


Today, we are learning how to make money on twitch. Before learning the basics and modus operandi of making money on twitch platform you have to understand the concept and everything about the service.

About Twitch

Twitch is the popular video live streaming service that is being powered by twitch interactive which is a subsidiary of Amazon conglomerate. So I guess you can say it is being owned by Jeff Bezos – Amazon Boss.

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Twitch was a spinoff of a general based interest streaming platform known as
Twitch was set up in June of 2011.

This streaming site focuses mainly on video game live streaming and it also incorporates music broadcast, esports competitions, creative content and others. you can always view videos on the site using video on demand or if you view it live.

By October of 2013 Twitch had gathered over 45 million unique viewers and in February of 2014 is God named as the fourth-largest source of Internet traffic peak in the United States.

Amazon acquired for $970 million after shutting it down in August 2014 in that name.
Twitch as a subsidiary of Amazon bought an online video game community operator known as Curse which helped to twitch users purchase games during live stream.

Twitch gained over 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million viewers monthly. Still in 2017, Twitch had remained one of the leading video live stream services specifically for video games in the United States.

Twitch has more benefits than the YouTube gaming platform, twitch gained 2.3 million broadcasters monthly in May of 2018 and an extra 15 million daily active users. By May 2018 Twitch had gotten more than 27000 partner channels.

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Twitch bans

Twitch platform places bans on any game with an adult-only rating in the United States. It also bans games that contain gratuitous violence or overly sexual content all content that are in violation of terms of use of third-party services.

Twitch censorship

Twitch platform is not available in every country. By 20th September 2018, the twitch website and app got blocked by apple app store in China.

Having this huge statistical background will give you the idea of understanding the monetization of the twitch platform and how it works.

What most people know is that you can easily make tons of money from the video gaming online streaming platforms popularly known as twitch but what they don’t know is how to go about it. That is why I am here to make it a level ground and help you understand better about the concept of earning on twitch.

There are processes for you to follow in order to make money on Twitch.

You need to become a twitch affiliate for you to start making money on the platform. Twitch affiliate membership is for those who are dedicated and loyal to the service.

The twitch affiliate network is beneficial and its affiliates only make money when their streams are subscribed to or viewed.
To be able to join the twitch affiliate program, you need to grow your followers on the platform to 50.

No this is not easy to achieve but there are steps you should take so the growth of followers will be much simpler. If u want it easier, you can decide to go for inorganic followers since organic is very difficult to grow.


Go to and sign up. When you’re done signing up start earning credit to gain followers and that is the first step towards making money.

Aside from the method I revealed, there are other ways you can make money on the twitch platform easily.

Allow Ad streaming

Just the way bloggers make money using ads or YouTubers make money using YouTube ads, that same way you could be able to make money using your twitch account.
But one thing you should bear in mind is that adding ads to your twitch account to make you a millionaire overnight.

It all is still a gradual process but during the course of time, you should be able to keep increasing your twitch followers, collaborating with other gamers, interacting with your twitch followers, choosing a niche, and creating a schedule for your streaming.

It really takes time for you to balance on twitch platform.

Create a merchandise

This is another feature of making money on Twitch but not for newbies, it is for professional game streamers who have a large and dedicated audience. Who can you easily brand hats, t-shirts, hoodies which are wonderful choices for merchandise in the gaming world you can also give out game controllers as accessories to some people.

It is not advisable to create merchandise lavishly as you might not have known the capacity of your audience to buy it off you.

Sponsored Streaming opportunities

There is another huge opportunity to make money on Twitch. Game developers want to make the best game and also want the game to be played by the best in the world.

Due to the fact that live video gamers are usually experienced and provide constructive criticism to the developers, some of these game companies sponsor the videos being made by these experienced gamers.

Becoming a twitch partner

You have been using twitch for quite some time now you will know that one of the ultimate goals on the platform is becoming a partner.

The major way twitch partners make money is through affiliate programs and they get lots of followers instantly too.

22,000 out of 2 million users have become partners.

But to join twitch partners there are requirements you should meet up with and these are;
Streaming sessions, streaming times, and the number of followers gained.

if you just started on the Twitch platform you should work towards achieving this partnership program.

Ask for donations

some followers would love to make donations to their favorite video game streaming channel.
According to statistics, there are over 2.3 million twitch users and lots of them prefer watching live sessions so all you need to do is to add a donate button to your account. With this enabled, your followers can you make the nation using PayPal or other easier processes.


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