How To Make Moringa Oil

Have you been looking for ways you can use your moringa leaves to make moringa oil? 
Well, this is what this article is for. Let’s get started! 
Mornings oil is made from the seeds of mornings oleifera and fully enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals.
Mornings oil is very essential or important to so many people all over the states and you can use it to do a lot of things. In fact, some people can not eat some food without either using moringa leaf or oil in their meals. Yes, it’s as important as that!
Mornings oil comes with so many advantages both health wisely and for skincare products too. You can learn how to make moringa oil with no stress.
Moringa helps to do a lot of things in the body, it advances growth, improves, and keeps the maintenance of your hair. It is so rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals starting from the leaves to the seed and every part of the plant is very important.
The moringa leaves, stem, roots bods, and seeds all serve a medicinal purpose. Some people even eat the leaves either raw or cooked. 
The oil is mostly obtained from the seed plant of mornings oleifera, which is the most common type of mornings tree people know and see most times. Because there are different types of mornings plant. 

Advantages Of Moringa Leaves

There are lots of advantages to moringa oil because every part of the tree or plant is very important and all these parts have their own uses and purpose.
The moringa oil can be used to make your moist cream and treat any form of hair infection (Dandruff, short hair, ringworm, etc). The oil also serves as a body cream. It works as an anti-aging cream, prevents rashes or pimples on the skin. Your body glows when you apply it to your body.
The seed, roots, stem, leaf, and the rest all give a high medicinal value. The moringa leaves or plants can be used for different things. 
You can decide to turn the leaves into moringa powder, use it for tea or soap and cream like earlier stated. All of these benefits are gotten from the morning tree. 
In addition, some people even use it to make salad, drinks, or smoothies, all in just one plant. You can also use the oil as a lubricant for machine parts that are not too big. 
Another advantage is that you can use it for perfumes. Morning oil is full of many other benefits that can not be over-emphasized.
You can decide to have a moringa plant in your garden, so you can also enjoy these advantages.

How To Make Moringa Oil

Moringa oil can be made through the local method or electrical method. The choice is yours to make and depending on how well you want are equipped.
We have different ways of making the oil but here, we will be giving you the local or manual method you can use in drawing oil from the seed. 
I. Buy your seed or pick the leaves neatly, get rid of the dirt in the seed and wash it thoroughly because of sand. 
II. Drain out the water from the leaves and spread it out on a tray, then put it under the sun to dry. 
III. Then pack the leaves into a small bowl and pour coconut or olive oil into it. (Let it be over the leaves).
IV. Add a little water to a pot and place it on the fire to heat up. 
V. Then carry the bowl of the moringa leaf and put it into the pot of water and let it heat up together with the oil. 
VI. Allow it to get cooked for about 20 to 30 minutes. Let it boil until the oil is on top of the leaves. 
VII. After some time, the color of the oil begins to change and you will clearly see that the leaves have settled down inside the bowl. 
VIII. Bring it out of the hot water and allow it to cool down then sieve it and pour it into another clean container with a cover. Here it is, you can use it on your skin or hair whenever you desire to use it.


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