How to pay Port Hacourt (PHED) Electricity Bill Online


You can make your PHED electricity bills online most conveniently.

PHED is one of Nigeria’s main electricity distributions outlets which oversees power management and distribution in Rivers, covering parts of  Cross rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Bayelsa regions. The company’s main electricity services are based in Port Harcourt.

With Jumia One on your Android device, you can easily pay your PHED bills over the internet. The PHED electricity bill payment is expedient and can be done at any time and from anywhere.

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You can easily pay your electricity bills following simple the guide below, wherever your current location, you can make payment of your bills.

GOTV Customer Care Line, Emails, Whatsapp, Phone numbers, Website

How to make PHED Electricity Bill Payments Online on Jumia One

The Jumia One app is a simple and efficient one, much more it is super fast payment as your payment is remitted immediately and your power bill sorted on the spot.

For PHED prepaid meter users, the steps to pay online is just in a few clicks, you don’t have to bore yourself up with visiting that far away agent’s office and to get there again and meet with long queue or no network issue, save yourself the stress and time and make your payment easily on these online platforms:

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Mobile Apps to make payment for electricity

  • Jumia one mobile
  • Opay app
  • Qucikteller mobile app
  • VTpass mobile app
  • Irecharge mobile app
  • ielectricity mobile app
  • Evapp mobile app
  • Instant energy mobile app

Websites to make electricity payments online in Nigeria

How to Make Abuja Electric AEDC (Prepaid Meter & Postpaid) payment Online

How to pay PHED electric on mobile apps(Jumia one, Opay, others)

1. Open the jumia, VT Pass or Opay app on your smartphone
2. Find the electricity payment menu
3 Chose if you use prepaid meter or postpaid
5. Select your Area which is PhortHarcout
6. Enter your meter number/account number
7. Enter the amount you want to buy and make payment with your bank card
9. You will be sent a confirmation SMS and email about your payment.

How to pay PHED electricity online

1. Visit  Buypower, or VTpass, irecharge, instant energy
2. Fill in the form to with your prepaid meter or postpaid number
3. Input the amount you want to pay
4.Input your email and phone, there you will be sent the token or payment receipt
5. confirm you entered only correct details
6.Pay for your credit or debit card.


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