How To Prevent Poor Food Safety


Following the research of the previous years, statistics show that one out of ten people gets sick as a result of food intake.

Also, about 420,000 people die every year as a result of food poisoning. Despite the fact that it is so easy to endure the proper safety of foods, the rate of food poisoning is still high and it is so saddening.

However, it appears that the major challenge is that some people cannot just avoid unhealthy foods.

With the proper knowledge in hand, you can help lessen the number of death that are recorded yearly as a result of poor food safety.

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So how can we all ensure that food is kept safely?

To find out, keep on reading.

1. Wash Your Hand

Speaking of how to ensure food safety, the very first thing to do is to wash your hands.

It is true that many people wash their hands but several people do not do proper washing.

It is advisable that you use warm water and a lot of soap to wash your hands because warm water naturally kills bacteria.

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Also, make sure you wash your hands at the appropriate time

If you deal with a dirty floor or dusty environment, you need to wash your hands more frequently

It is very important that you wash your hands after handling raw meats and coming in contact with any kind of bare skin.

2. Avoid Food Hazard Areas

Do you know that even foods have its danger zone one should avoid seriously?

This means that there are some foods that should not be eaten at some level of temperature.

When foods fall between the temperature of 41 to 135 degrees, these foods can be highly dangerous to your health because these kinds of food have the tendency of growing deadly bacteria that are harmful to your health.

Note that the more you store up your food products in a dangerous environment, the higher the tendency of it growing bacteria.

So you may need to check your food from time to time so that you can keep it out of danger zone.

If you are a caterer, you have to keep this in mind seriously so that you will not end up dishing out poison to people.

3. Store Proper storage of food is a frequently overlooked element of food security


This is another important factor you must keep in mind. Whenever you cut your fruits and vegetables make sure you keep them immediately because when you open them up, there’s a high possibility that they will be contaminated.

An easy way to achieve this is to keep your vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator and ensure that they are stored in the right order.
So you may want to ask, what is the right order?

The proper way is for the fruits and vegetables to be placed up while meat and other related foods should be placed under.

4. Check Food Properly Before Eating And Don’t Just Make Assumptions By It’s Color.

Although many people assume that foods that have certain colors and appearances are the ones that are healthy for consumption but on the contrary, this is not obtainable in all cases.

The safest way to know if a food is well cooked and ready to be eaten is by checking the thermometer.

For example, when you are cooking your egg, ensure that both the body that is the white part and the yoke are strong enough before putting off the heat.
Also, when you put food into the microwave, make sure it is properly covered.

5. As it is Important For You To Cook Food At The Right Temperature, So It Is Highly Necessary That You Refrigerate At The Proper Temperature.

As stated earlier, just as it is important for you to get your food cooked at the proper temperature so it is very important that you get your foods chilled at the appropriate temperature to avoid poisoning.

So, the first thing is this; ensure that your chilled food does not go beyond 40 degrees F, it can be lower though.

Secondly, when dealing with meats, seafood and
Poultries, ensure you get them chilled at least within 2 hours of your purchase.

Also, to thaw foods, after dividing them into small quantities and putting them in small size bowls, it is safe to put them in the fridge, in a pot of water, or in the microwave.

6. Ensure The Utensil Are Properly Cleaned

Don’t ignore this part of food safety as it can render useless all your efforts in preparing a great meal.

Ensure that all your utensils are clean and free from germs as much as you can, since you will be handling meats and poultry products, you must ensure that your surrounding is neat and all your cooking equipment like knives, cutting boards, bowls, dishes, etc must be thoroughly washed to avoid bacteria.

7. Carefully Solve The Problems Of Food Allergies With The Proper Solutions

If your line of business is catering, you are likely going to meet people who have major food allergies on a daily basis.

So what should you do about this?
Simply instruct your staff to be careful when choosing food ingredients.
You can instruct them to use ingredients that are widely accepted by a large number of people.

And if you find someone who still has allergy even with the usual food seasonings, then try and satisfy him or her. by choosing staff to cook the customer’s food in a preferred way.

You can even attach extra charges to this, just make sure you inform the customer about it.

Note that asides from the seasonings or recipes, other factors that can cause allergies are the dishes, utensils, and pots.
So make sure your cooking and serving tools are always clean and ready for use and ensure that your staff is really neat and presentable.

As clearly stated at the begin g of this write-up, food safety is a serious challenge that must be dealt with in every society so we can all live long.


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