How To Process Schengen Visa In Nigeria in 2021


You may have to learn that passport-free areas in the European Union are what we call Schengen.

It is recognized as the largest travel agency in the world, and there are about 26 countries in Europe that form Schengen.

You will have unlimited access to any member nation if you have a Schengen visa. And the details you have to know about the Schengen application process from Nigeria is all the knowledge you will get in this article.

How To Apply For Schengen Visa From Nigeria

Clearly, this is one of the things that took you to this forum. You do not have to worry about applying for Schengen visas from Nigeria if you do not have special skills.

At the embassy of the respective Schengen country, you can apply, connect you to a reputable agency, get the requirements that we will provide you soon, and have to be ready before you start your application. You can ask to contact the reputable agency.

The rule for lodging a Schengen visa application is that the first point of entry for you will be the Schengen Zone.

You will obtain your application form in the embassy of your country, e.g. you are going to France, and then you will visit the Embassy of France in Nigeria to request a visa from there.

Before you even bother to go to the embassy for the form, you can review the list of items you expect to get. This not only saves your time but also speeds up your application process.

Visa Requirements

  • You may have to ask, what is the visa requirement, here’s the list of items you need.
  • · You need a valid passport for travel to the state of another member, original and accepted. You have to make sure that the visa remains highly valid for your number of days in the country.
  • · Full photos, minus blank pages, of your passport.
  • You must clarify why you have applied from Nigeria in your application if you are not a resident of Nigeria. ·
  • · If you’ve received a new passport in the last three years, you need your current passport.
  • · Your national ID Card must be photocopied back and forth.
  • · You will also take vibrant images in a white background, not more than six months ago, and also 45 mm passport photographs by 35 mm in scale.
  • · You need to provide your company Registration Certificate when you run a self-owned business.
  • · You need to provide your letter of employee’s employment, your current position in the company, and your leave date if you are employed by a recognized company or government agency.
  • · You must provide health insurance for the duration of your stay, which must not be less than €30.000 and must remain valid.
  • · You are supposed to provide proof or evidence for paying the visa fee · at least have to make a pre-booking reservation.
  • · For minors under 18 years of age, you need additional information.
  • · You must provide a letter of consent if the parents are not traveling with the infant.
  • The child must be granted by both parents ·
  • · Parents are expected to provide passport ID cards · If no parent is available then letters of support should be issued for them.
  • · If the child’s guardian is not the biological parent, a legal guardianship certificate must be given.
  • · The children’s school letters include a child name, number of school years, sex, the grade of a child, sex, and date for the school attendant, school holidays and contact information must be given. ·
  • · When the child travels with a group of peers, the child in that group should be provided with details and the adult details who lead the group for the journey.

The Questions Form

This is a form which is provided by some of the Schengen embassies alongside the Schengen visa application form for Nigerian citizen. Note that this questionnaire form must be filled correctly.

Do You Need Bank Statement?

Definitely, you need a financial statement of at least three months to apply for a visa, which will display your financial flow, give you volume details on your value, which is part of the appraisal to decide if your visa needs to be accepted or disapproved.

  • It is one thing you have to make sure you are licensed.
  • You will apply for your visa for at least 2500 dollars and up to 3000 dollars from 2 to 3 months.
  • Depositing in small quantities awaiting time would make more sense.
  • You would need to add a sticker for your bank account if you have a credit card, which will give you a strong financial ability.
  • You must add your sponsor’s bank accounts to them; you must also ensure that you connect the letter from these sponsors.

Can My Bank Account Be Requested?

Of course, it will test to ensure that you are able to remain financially stable in all of the countries you need to say. Therefore, you always need to prepare your account to match the amount of Euro that is expected to be at least on your bank account number.

Do I Have To Book Tickets For The Schengen Visa Before Applying?

This is not a must, it is not mandatory to book your flight ticket prior to the acceptance of the visa. It is always good to book your flight before your visa is accepted, this will save you costs and will save you from having to replenish or having an emergency flight issue.

How Much In Naira Will I Need To Apply For Schengen Visa?

This depends also on the euro exchange rate and the extra fees in the submission center. When this article is written, the costs for VISA are 24,600 Naira, but there are more expenses and expenses incurred, which include the transport and other charges in the Embassy. Although the Schengen visa fee is lowest when the embassy receives a request directly, a company is entitled to charge a premium if the demand is received on behalf of the embassy.

How Long Is The Processing Of Schengen Visas In Nigeria?

Most Schengen visas have 15 days of processing time. In particular, if further documentation or verification is required. Due to the high demand period, visa applications can also be delayed.


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