How to Register a Domain Name in Nigeria


This guide will be good for business owners who want to get their business online or want to give an online presence to their business. This is a do it yourself guide, with this guide you will be able to register your domain name yourself without contacting a third.

Domain name can be is used to identify a personal or business website online, depending on the purpose of the business, the only way to identify such business is through a domain name. For knowledge purpose domain name is formed by rules and procedure of the Domain Name System.

We have different types of Domain Name system and they are top level domains, generic top level domains. Some of the prominent domain names are com, info, net, edu and org.

Before we delve into how to register a domain name in Nigeria, let’s look at the purpose of having a Domain name in Nigeria.

Purpose of Having a Domain Name

  • Domain name is used to identify internet resources
  • It is used as host identities for several computers
  • Domain name is used to show ownership of a resource
  • Domain name is used to identify unique identity


Process of Registering a Domain Name in Nigeria

Choose a Name

The first process of registering a domain name is choosing a name to be used, you have to know whether the name you have chosen is still available and as not been used by another person. Once you have a name registered the best options is to register the name before you even go and register it.

Once you confirm the name is available then you can go ahead and register the name.

Another good tool you can use to choose a name is Domain name checker, this tool will help you search through and find an available name for you, all you have to do is search on google for Domain Name Checker and input the name you intend to use, this tool will help you search through the available names.

Domain Provider

Once you confirm the availability of the name, you can now go ahead to a domain name provider to register the name for a fee. We have so many provider you can go to register, all you have to do is choose one from all the providers we have and register the name you have chosen.

What you need to know about Domain Name Registration

You can use a Domain name checker tool to check the availability of the name you intend to use

You can buy a Domain Name from different providers such as:

  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • ng
  • com
  • com

You can get a Domain name as cheap as 500 naira and as high as 10,000

The best Domain Name starts with .com while it has extension such as .org, .net, .edu and .info .

The best Domain name in Nigeria can’t be really verified for now, because all the Domain name provider listed above are very good, you can choose anyone from the list above.

Domain Name can renewed every year once it expired, so you have to pay a yearly renewal fee or else at the end of the subscription period, your Domain name will be flagged.

This are the process of registering a Domain Name in Nigeria, if you follow all this process outlined carefully you will be able to register you Domain name successfully.

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