How to Register and Connect Domain to Wix



Wix is cloud based technology platform that allows its user to create beautiful and stunning website for free, it has millions of users who have subscribe to their platform.

For the purpose of these write up we would be looking at how to register and connect a domain to Wix.

Let us first look at how to register a domain name with Wix and connecting it to your account on Wix.

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This article will cover how you can buy a domain name with the kind of Domain name extensions that Wix support currently, How to connect the domain to Wix platform? While also looking at how to register a new domain or How to change existing domain from one extension to another with Wix in some very easy steps.

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How to register and connect Domain Name at

How to Buy A New Domain Name?  (

For the purpose of this write up we would be looking at how you can register a new .com domain name, since this is quite popular.


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If however someone asks how do I register a new Wix domain? You can direct them to this article since it would have all the steps needed but we will look at it closely with respect for clarification.

Step by Step Instructions on Registering New Domain Name [at WIX]


First step after logging into your account, before doing anything else visit this link: (

This will take you to a new page.

In the new page at the upper left corner, you will see a search box where you can type your desired domain name, check the box next to it and click on the green button that says: (add domain) This step is very crucial in case you are adding an already registered domain name.

To purchase a new domain simply select the (new domain) from the dropdown menu. When doing this, make sure that you have selected Top Level Domain extension (.com, .org,.net etc.) because WIX doesn’t allow registration of ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) domains.


The next step is filling out your details that are required before you proceed to check out. This will also depend on whether you are doing a new or existing domain name registration, if it’s an existing one then you need to provide Whois contact details and payment method but if it’s a new one then only Terms of Service agreement and Payment information needs to be filled out as shown in the image below:

How to Register a Domain Name in Nigeria

In case however you don’t wish to use credit card for payment, there is another alternative which is PayPal! Do note however that using PayPal results in additional charges.

How else would you like to make a payment for this service? Type your email address in the field provided and click (checkout as guest). Wix will now send an email with instructions on how you can finish registering your domain safely.

This step requires that you have a valid email id so if you don’t have one yet, register one from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. It is advisable however not to use yahoo mail since it may result in abuse of services by third parties as they are known to sell such details to companies who promote products through spam emails , some people just let them be while others block them.

Now that your account details are in order, all you need to do is log into PayPal and pay the amount as indicated by Wix using your registered email address. This step will also be covered in detail below.

Your domain name will expire after a period of one year but this renewal procedure is exactly the same as above so I won’t show it again here.

WIX charges $10 annually for their services which may seem like a lot but if compared with prices offered by other providers it’s actually quite low especially since they offer free website hosting services along with some plugins that can really improve the design, performance and speed of your site.

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When you have completed the payment/sign up process, WIX will forward a confirmation email to you notifying you about successful registration.

Sometimes it may also take longer so be patient! This is however only half done since you still need to connect your domain to your website (you didn’t think that you would be able to use it without doing this step did you?).

Now that you have successfully registered your domain name on Wix, let’s look at how you can connect that domain name to Wix website.  All you need to do is click on the connect button as shown in the image below and follow their instructions.

You will be asked to enter your domain name, select its top level extension (website address for example and then proceed to type your website credentials which are admin username and password which was given in the first step of this article. If everything goes well there should not really be any problems with connecting your domain name to Wix.

If you follow the steps correctly you will have no problem registering your domain name and connecting it to Wix.

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