How To Register For Western Union


What is Western Union?

This is a Corporation for Financial Services specialized in money transfer from one location to another.
This business is headquartered in the US, as it handles worldwide financial transactions.

So how does it work?

If an individual places money at one of the kiosks of the Western Union company, the intended receiver can then collect the money at another branch.

For example, a father who lives in Nigeria can send money to his daughter abroad through the use of Western Union, and the daughter also will be able to receive the money from any branch of Western Union in the country she resides abroad.

This worldwide company was established in the year 1851 by Ezra Cornell in Rochester New York.

I will exemplify simple steps on how to register for Western Union and how to perform other activities on your western union account.

To make a registration for Western Union, kindly go to or visit the Western Union mobile app so as to register your own profile.

The first Pick “Sign up” from or the mobile app.

Then enter and proceed with the necessary information. Make sure that you type the name as indicated on your ID.

The availability of the correct information allows the firm to easily and securely process your transfer.

Also, you must enter your valid e-mail address after which you will receive a confirmation email confirming your effective registration.

However, Keep in mind that you receive a transfer receipt on the e-mail you have registered with after every transfer on

Kindly note that your registration credentials will only be available on the UK mobile app if you have built your profile on the UK website.

How to Login

Go through the following either on or on the mobile app if you need to enter your Western Union profile:

  • First Choose login,
  • Then enter your registered email and password.
  • To move on, click on the “Continue” option

How To Reset Your Password

To reset your password this is it,

Just use the reset password option in case you forgot your password.

How to update your profile

Basically, all you need do is to change your email address to and follow these important steps:

  • First login to your profile at
  • Secondly, Choose your name at the top of the menu.
  • To enter a new one, click on the Pencil button below your mail address.
  • And to confirm your changes,
  • Click “Save.”

In case you want to validate your e-mail update, you will be asked to enter your password profile.

Note that the authentication PIN in your email is only valid for 72 hours so you have to be quick invalidating your new email.

You will use this to check in with your Western Union profile after you have successfully updated your email address.

Note: the mobile app does not provide the option to change your email address.

To change Your Phone Number

To change the phone number attached to your Western Union account, go through the following steps:

  • First, log in to your profile on
  • From the top menu options, pick your name.
  • Please click the button Pencil below your telephone number.
  • To confirm the modifications,
  • click on “Ok.”

Latest updating of your account

For the latest updating of your mail address, visit
Then sign on to your profile.

From the top menu choices, pick your name.
Click on Pencil’s next button and type a new one in front of your postal address.
To confirm your changes, click “Save.”

On the mobile applications: Login via your device.
From the menu section pick your profile.
Choose your username and enter the new one.
To save changes, click “Update.”

 How to change your password

Make sure that you change your password from time to time in order to maintain your profile safe.

Follow the outlined ateps below in order to update your password:

First, Go to

Sign in to your profile.
In the menu section, pick your name.
Go to the choice “Password.”
Please enter the current password and select “Ok.”

Note: You can also update your login credentials for My WU loyalty program by changing your password on or on your mobile device.

Credit Card Management

For the management of your credit card,
Please follow these steps for attaching, changing, or deleting a credit card:

sign in on your profile, then
Go to the segment called “Price preferences.”
Choose the credit or debit card
Click on “Add new.”
Enter your card and billing address information and click “Ok.”

You can only change or delete a payment card with the mobile app:
so sign in to your profile.

Tap “Menu,” then select “Profiles” and scroll down.
Click on Show “Payment options” on your profile.
Scan and type a billing address and select the ‘Delete’ option.

Note that an advance fee and other related interest charges can apply to the issuer of the crédit card so to stop this charge and fee, use a debit card.

Also Note: When sending money you can always add, change, or delete your debit or credit card.

How to remove your profile

Be aware that you will lose your current points and your entire transfer history will be deleted if you are a My WU participant.

In order to delete your profile, please contact Customer Service or contact your Western Union profile with an e-mail address.

Please include your registered email address Your registered telephone number when sending an email with  Your name as shown in your profile

If appropriate, your My WU number, the reason why you want to remove your Western Union profile and you will be contacted either through phone or email to sort out your request.


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