Uses of OTP and How to Register


OTP stands for One Time Password. OTP is a specialized form of password, but instead of typing in your password, you have to send it to a phone number you have previously registered with.

OTP is a way of securing and safeguarding your bank accounts. OTP is an electronically generated 6 digits sent by your bank to a phone number you have previously registered with your account for you to confirm if you initiated a transaction from your bank account.

OTP is an acronym used to represent a one-time password. It is a method of entering your name and password into a device or smartphone. I will be giving you insights on how to set up OTP in this write-up.

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OTP is very important and it carries the following benefits:

  1. OTP helps process and Approve Internet Banking Transactions

Online banking transactions are becoming an increasingly common way of transferring funds. With banks making it more convenient to manage these transactions, the need for experienced online banking traders has risen.

Online traders have to be familiar with many trading platforms, get answers to their questions regarding all aspects of trading, have to deal with different software systems and have to handle multiple bank accounts. The transaction approval process is complicated and error-prone

OTP helps in changing a Bank Account on an Online Store Website.

Online stores are very dependent on the user. When a user is shopping in an online store, he/she does not want to pay any amount of money. So, this payment gateway like OTP helps in changing any amount of money into another currency and then withdraw it from online stores through the bank account of the user.

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OTP helps change Forgotten Account Password

OTP helps the user to remember all of his/her passwords. The OTP stores a password for every individual account and generates a unique one-time password for each individual account. This feature can be used to change forgotten or weak passwords.

  1. OTP SMS Can Secure Multiple Devices to One Account.

OTP is a security feature in most popular smartphones and tablets. It allows two devices to share one account. This OTP feature is used in most messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

OTP SMS Can Block Spammers and Bots Similar to Captcha Forms

OTP is a way to prevent spam and malware from entering your inbox. It provides a single sign-on experience for you within the app, which makes it harder for spammers and bots to enter your account.

OTP helps to reactivate Users back to their account

With OTP, you can reactivate your User back to the account after a break. The core of OTP is a simple and scalable solution to reactivate a User or a group of Users back to an account.

Having given a brief overview of what OTP means and its benefit let’s now look at the various ways of registering OTP.

Locate the nearest ATM for your OTP registration


At the moment, you have to personally go to the ATM in person or download your OTP code/CVC code from a website. However, in the future, an OTP registration application with an auto-detecting feature can help you generate your OTP code with just one click.

After you have located an ATM machine insert your card and type your pin number to begin the process of getting your OTP

After you have located an ATM machine insert your card and type your pin number to begin the process of getting your OTP. These OTP machines can find the related related transaction details such as balance, transaction ID, transaction status and more for you.

Select your bank account type whether savings or current

After you have inserted your card the next thing is to select your bank account and also signify the class of account whether it is savings or current is the next step in registering for your OTP.

OTP is short for Online Transfer Point. You can use this OTP to transfer money into your selected bank account.

OTP (Online Transfer Point) is a secure and easy-to-use bitcoin wallet. It’s Safe and Secure, It offers Bitcoin transactions at the speed you need.

Choose Quickteller from the list displayed on the ATM

After you have selected your bank account the next thing is to select Quickteller is the next step for your OTP

After selecting your bank account you have to choose a quick teller. QuickTeller is a mobile app that allows you to create an account with any of the major banks.

Next is to choose the pay bill options and click others from the options displayed

Here are the most popular terms for paying bills listed on the dashboard. Choose the one you like, click others to explore more options.

Get the best rates on your bill payments. Now you can pay your bill online or with a phone call. Click on any of the payment options above to explore more options

Next enter the following code number 322222 as the biller code

Next you will be asked for customer reference number, when it prompt you input your phone number and press next button

Customers are increasingly using smart phones to make their living. A customer’s personal information is constantly in the cloud for various services, so it is important to keep the company aware of this information. You can use this customer reference number to save your company time, money and provides customer support.

Next after there will be a display on the screen showing if you want to make payment and also showing you the amount due

The card is a quick and easy way of making a payment, the amount due is shown on the screen.

After that click the amount due to make payment, then a message will be sent to you that a one-time OTP code has been sent to your phone to complete the transaction, once you get the code and supply them with the code, it will automatically complete your transaction.

In conclusion, we have been able to walk you through the process of registering for your OTP for your online transaction, kindly help share this write up your social media network, and if you have any suggestions drop your comments in the comments section.



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