How to ship from Nigeria to USA


I’m sure you’re on this page because you want to learn how to ship goods and products from Nigeria to the USA. Here are the things you need to know.

You should be aware that there is no delivery limits to ship your product from Nigeria to the United States of America and you can easily place orders and receive deliveries of products from the United States of America. then you are allowed to import anything that is probably almost everything. You can import things like Aso oke, George, Akwa Ocha, Adire, Ankara, homemade traditional beads, food items, costumes, and others.

There are many people that have started selling items online this could be fashion products like men’s or women’s wears, human hairs, Nigerian men products and some other items that I listed above. People sell this products on their WhatsApp status to their contacts and friends.

There are people whose client base has increased to a level that people from abroad take orders from the company so in such cases you have to export your product and that is why this article is very important for you. even if you are not yet exporting your products but you have to look forward to it if you are hoping to expand your business to that level and make more money. so, congratulations in advance.

Shipping from Nigeria to the United States of America

with regards to shipping of the product from Nigeria to other countries like the United States of America, I have made mention of some products and goods like Ogbono, ankara, ginger, snails, bittercola, bitterleaf, melon (egusi), pumpkin leaves (ugwu), and several other products/items and this could be done by shipping through water or air.

Air Shipping

One of the fastest means of goods delivery and exportation in any country is air shipping. In Nigeria, the fastest way of shipping from Nigeria to the United States is also air shipping reason being that this is the delivery method that allows your goods or products to reach the United States within 3 days of shipment. There are several options for shipment delivery and they include:

  • Standard shipping which last for between 4 to 8 business days
  • Expedited shipping method: this gets your product to the United States within 3 business days.

Ocean shipping

Ocean of water shipping is a totally different kind of international delivery method. There are features regarding ocean shipping types of transportation.

You should bear in mind that importation of products from United States of America to Nigeria takes up to 8 weeks sometimes it can take just six weeks.

You should also bear in mind that like other shippers if you want to avoid delays for weekly ocean shipping it might last between 3 to 6 months.

4in potentials of USA to Nigeria some companies make a proposal to their clients giving them 25% discount for weekly ocean shipping.

if you’re into commercial shopping then you can actually take the option of full container shipping. beautiful container load shipping that takes off from Nigeria and arrives in the United States of America is made available solely for businesses with goods and products that will fill up the container.

Some shipping companies offer good shipping rates and give discounts to their customers for both 20 feet and 40 feet container depending on the size and quantity of the products.

It is the warehouse of these shippers that gives a better opportunity for receivers to load up their items in the designated container for shipping.

If you want to export a product but you don’t have enough products to fill up a container then this is called less than container your items will be measured in parcels and sizes and weighed from 1 pound to more than a hundred thousand kilograms.

This gives the receiver an option and availability to pay for the exact space he or she wants in the container. so if you want to make an importation for office use or home use or even reselling send that will have to make their own consolidation service.

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Customs clearing for shipping

Here are the things you need to know for customs clearance during shipping in Nigeria and abroad. These are factors that should be put into consideration before giving a client an estimated date of arrival.

of course before any product leaves a country the customs officers will have to make a thorough check. another glaring by the customs officers is being done at the airport and even seaport in Houston, USA.

also another clearing is being done at the US port and this takes typically up to two business days to be finished.

Shipping of letters, documents, and small parcels

if you want to make deliveries of smaller packages then you can find some companies that are in two deliveries like DHL, GIG logistics and others that can easily deliver your large envelopes letters postcards and small packages using there planes and we can chat not more than $10 from Nigeria depending on the size of the package.

And It lasts for just four business days you can get your package is delivered to the United States without any delay. If you want to make weekly shipments that come in large volumes for shipping is that come from Nigeria with lower costs for their customers and these services can be as high as $50 for shipping.

Important details to note about shipping

  1. You should be aware that shipping goods and products is not limited to that alone you can also not only ship food, textile, documents and fashion items but ship for import and export of heavy items which are in need of repair or fixing. Some of these huge items needs to be shipped from Nigeria to USA or otherwise. It is been known as breakbulk.
  2. Breakbulk is known to be oversize loads or the kind of loads that might not fit into a container.
  3. It has a very reasonable shipping cost and it’s transit time is known to last between six to eight weeks.
  4. Can shipping from the United States of America to Nigeria for exportation is also part of this.
  5. This breakbulk services is designed for importation or exportation of heavy equipment like tractors, heavy trucks, caterpillars, cranes, and other heavy duty equipment.


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