How to Ship from USA, UK to Nigeria


A lot of people have properties and commodities which they are willing to export from their countries to Nigeria. The quantity, quality, and type of these products might vary depending on the need of the intended market, but the ideal means of exporting these products is international shipping. There are a lot of companies offering these services but in this article, we have detailed the specific means of shipping goods from foreign countries to Nigeria.

Before we proceed into the main steps involved in shipping products from foreign countries, specifically USA and UK to Nigeria, let’s take a look at some reasons why different individuals and companies ship their goods.

Reasons for Shipping Goods
There are several reasons which revolve around individuals, governments, and company’s decision for importing goods into their country. The decisions might be based on necessity regarding that commodity, but effective demand is always the main drive of shipping or importing goods into the country.

Here is a detailed list on reasons for shipping goods into Nigeria:

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1. Essential Need
As mentioned earlier, there are different reasons behind the act of shipping goods into the country, and one of them as listed here is essential need! The specific good which is to be imported must have been of necessity to the people of such country, for the importer to have decided on making his/her move.
An example is the need for clothing, and technological gadgets. Such needs will definitely prompt the importer to ship these products into the country.

2. Availability of the Product in the Country
Another reason for people importing or shipping their wares into the country, is the availability of the product in the country. Some of these products do not have a business production line in Nigeria which is capable of supplying consumers with their desired products.
An example of such products include earbuds, smartphones, and some laptops, etc. these products must have been of high necessity, lacking availability in the country.

3. Price Range
Some of the products sold in Nigeria are imported due to their reduced price compared to that of the local companies. Some clothes in Nigeria are sold for higher prices compared to that of the original company in the UK or US. This is also due to the availability of production materials in the country.

4. Effective Demand
Finally, the demand of a certain product by consumers is an important reason for shipping goods into Nigeria. Some of these products have high necessity resulting in the high demand of these products.


The above listed are the notable reasons for people participating in the shipping of Goods from the US and UK to Nigeria.

How to Ship From US, UK to Nigeria
An effective means of shipping goods is to purchase them from a verified and trustworthy source. Though it’s not simple to get a reliable source to ship goods to you just like that, but finding one will prove beneficial to you on the long run.

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In the past, individuals had to rely on cargo ships or relatives returning from foreign countries to deliver their shipped goods to them. Currently, there are different means of shipping and shopping for goods form the US, and UK.

The most prominent of them all is online shopping, in which users can purchase desired products through e-commerce sites such as eBay, Jumia, Amazon, and Walmart, etc.

The companies

 use courier services to ship the required or ordered goods from their warehouse to the presented address. Depending on the weight and the type of goods being shipped, there are different fees attracted. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Cost of Shipping from UK to Nigeria
Ordered goods can be shipped and delivered with 3 – 5 working days. Shipping from UK to Lagos usually costs £3.50 per kg + £15 handling charge. Shipping from the UK to Abuja on the other hand costs £4.50 per kg + £15 handling charge, and to other states in Nigeria, the charge is £4.50 per kg + £15 handling charge.

Cost of Shipping from US to Nigeria
Goods ordered from the US to Nigeria usually takes within 5 – 7 working days to arrive in the designated locations. Shipping from the US to Lagos usually costs $3.50 per lbs. + 5% VAT, while shipping from the US to Abuja usually costs $4.00 per lbs. + 5% VAT. Shipping from the US to other locations in Nigeria could cost between $4.30 per lbs. + 5% VAT.
To cut the long story short, here are the specific steps on how to ship from US, and UK to Nigeria:
1. Shop from any US or UK e-commerce website.
2. Set the shipping address to either your home address or that of any pick up station. (preferably a pickup station)
3. Country cargo delivers you order after receiving it.
4. Your package is then delivered to your doorstep.
5. Items will be delivered within 5 days.


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