How to Start a Book Club in Nigeria


If you are looking for a way to get more involved in your community, or just have an interest in reading high-quality literature, starting a book club is a great idea. There are many benefits of joining this type of club! In this blog post, we will talk about how to start a book club and what it can do for you.

First you need to understand what a book club is, for the purpose of this write up, A book club is a group of people that meet on a regular basis to discuss books. Think about what your book club would be like, and then think about how you can get this set up in Nigeria.


We would look at some of the requirements of setting up a successful book club in Nigeria. These include a place to meet, finding members of the club and what you can do to keep them interested.

Each book club will have its own flavor that may depend on where they are found or who is in it, but these points should help with getting your Nigerian Book Club set up!

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One of the first requirement when setting up your book club is you need to determine the following:

How many members would you like to have?

Whatever number of people, everyone should be on the same page as far as what they want from their book club experience. Some are looking for a place to discuss great books with friends and others just need some new reading material in their life! It is important that all those who join your group feel comfortable there and don’t feel pressure to share too much if it’s not something they are into doing.

Some may also decide whether or not this is an open or closed group (people signing up will know before attending) which can help keep things more intimate for specific groups of people. This does mean though that starting small ensures better success rates by having fewer expectations when first getting started.

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Location is another important factor you need to consider when starting a book club. Do you want to meet at someone’s home, the library, or go out for ice cream? How often do people feel like meeting up and what is your budget like?

Go over the ground rules via e-mail.

You will need  to discuss a few of the rules, such as how often people want to meet up and what are some things they are not comfortable sharing.

You will also need to figure out if this is going to be an open or closed group – whoever signs up for it knows that before attending.

Spread the word.

You will need to create awareness about your book club. How are you going to let people know that your group is starting and how often it meets?

Set up a Facebook event or post a flyer at the library. Introduce yourself in person with some of your favorite books, invite them out for coffee and ask what they are reading now.



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The most important thing when starting a book club is having fun! You will need to figure out if this is an open-ended discussion or more like assigning readings beforehand. How many pages do you want per meeting? What kind of snacks would work well with different genres (i.e., wine goes best with mystery novels)? These are all things you will need to discuss before announcing the first gathering of your new Book Club Nigeria Group on social media platforms by that you will meet.

Benefits of Joining a Book Club:

We would quickly look at some benefits of joining a book club in Nigeria

Meeting new people

Joining a book club will give you the opportunity to meet new people who share your interests and hobbies.

Book Club Nigeria Group

A book club provides a sense of community, which is an important part in starting new relationships with like-minded individuals.

New Things to Read

Joining a book club will introduce you to books that you may have never heard about before as well as authors you haven’t read yet! This can be especially helpful if you are someone looking for something different than the usual dystopian YA novel or romance novel we all know so well by now. You might find some awesome hidden gems too!

 Feeling intellectually stimulated

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Here you have it how to start a book club in Nigeria, help share this detailed write up with your social media network and if you have any suggestion drop your comments below.


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